Thursday, 4 January 2018

A Girl's Shopping Road Trip to Boston

oooohhhhh look at me!! 3 days blogging in a row!!!

I took a girls trip to the US in November. We had such a great time!!
Our friend Debi moved to New Boston in New Hampshire last year from the UK and she's living the dream!!
Myself, Lisa and Cheryl went out to visit her.
There was shopping, there were cocktails, a little more shopping, lots of food, more shopping, some sightseeing and even more shopping.    

Can you see why now that I named this trip a 'Girl's Shopping Roadtrip'?

I did video the whole trip...the shopping of course, the eating, the giggles and the sight seeing.
You can see our adventures here on my YouTube channel
I lost my voice part way through the trip though. I always seem to get sick when I take a break from work!!
Anyway, I've just posted the final video of the trip, so if you fancy grabbing a cuppa, you can sit back and watch. Just click the link above.

I hope you enjoy xxx

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Time to Simplify - with video link

Today I am scrapbooking with my December Cocoa Daisy Kit.
I showed you my journal page yesterday with my word of the year 'simplify'.
Today I am documenting this for my 12x12 scrapbook album.

I have a video that you can watch here of this page being made along with tips using a stencil and how I created this easy title here.

I've gone photo free so that the emphasis really is on the word.
And here is the finished page.
I hope you enjoy the video.
See you soon xxx

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

My 2018 'WORD'

Happy 2018 to you!!

I know I failed miserably at keeping up this blog last year, but I would really like to give it another go.
I have my business blog here for Lollipop Box Club and I blog for Cocoa Daisy and Simple Stories and there's my YouTube channel too.
So I figured my personal blog would be a kind of place to link it all up together.
Plus I feel like this is 'my' space and I can be less formal and just me if that makes sense?
That's the plan anyway. I'm going to try and discipline myself to do this space.

I do hope you've had a good Christmas and New Year. It's always over so fast isn't it?!
I feel ready for normality though. The kids saying that are home for another week so I may just have to hold fire on gaining any normality just yet.

So, my word for 2018.
I like to pick a word each year to reflect upon and help my life to improve by.
I don't do resolutions, these just go out the window for me, but I do find having that word does actually make a different to me and it does stay with me.

Here's this year's.



A word I really need to focus on.
I have more details about this, why I picked it and how I want it to work for me on the Lollipop blog today along with how I created this journal page here

And if anyone still reads this blog or has just found it, 'Hi'!!  Please stop and say 'Hi'.
It would be lovely to know that I'm not just chatting along to myself : )

Thank you and have a fab Tuesday.

Lisa xxx 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Misting, Masking, Sewing on Faith

I do have a video of me making this page here if you would like to watch.

I really want to stress that although themed this is such a beautiful collection and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I've misted and painted over a sunshine mask to create my sunrays.

I've layered up my papers and sewn on them too.

I've added some of the bits and pieces from the collection. I do love adding these bits.

And I've printed my journaling on to scrap card and cut in to thin strips and stuck in place.

I hope you like this page and enjoy the video too.

Thanks so much.
Lisa x

Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday Madness...


Well, it's been the most busiest of weeks.
I'm one of these...I'm all or nothing. There's no in between. Once I get an idea in my head, that's it!

The week before I needed to clear under my desk.  I asked my lovely friend Cheryl for some YouTuber recommendations. cleaning, organising...that kind of thing...and fast forward less than 2 weeks.....My wardrobe has been cupboards, larder, utility area and I'm in the midst of totally redoing my studio.
I have given bags and bags away of paper and craft items, I've sold boxes and boxes of ribbon I had sitting under my desk (£60 in my Florida pot, thank you very much!)
I've given furniture that was in my studio to the local preschool my kids went to.
Yep!! I've been full on...all this and still working long hours. I've been getting up at 5.30am and closing off to work between 11pm-midnight daily.
Another thing with me....when I get an idea I get a huge surge of energy. I'm like a little duracel bunny!

Friday we headed to Ikea to buy my new furniture.
I have written up a blog post over on my Lollipop Box Club site here today.      
There's lots of behind the scenes photos including a mini tour of my studio.

I've been having so much fun!!
Still lots to do but I'm getting there.

You can see the start of all this on this video here when I received a Wilko delivery of lovely storage goodies.

Talking of videos.
I have a couple of new scrapbooking process videos up on YouTube.

This one from Simple Stories here, using the Faith collection.
I'm so happy with how this turned out.

Where I chat about using masks and inks.

I hope you enjoy these.
I have more fun projects planned for this even more organising.

Have a happy Monday.

Lisa x

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Creative Title Work

Today is all about getting creative with titles.
This is my scrapbooking page that I've created.

I love the large title that spreads across the page. I only stuck the centres of the letters down so that the photos could slot in at the top.  You can click on the first photo and watch me making this page.
 I had so much fun! 

We are holding a challenge for the next couple of weeks over at Cocoa Daisy. We'd love you to get creative with your titles too. You can also take a look and see how some of the others have played with their titles. There's some great inspiration.  For now, I shall leave you with a few more photos of this page I made. 

Have fun with your titles too!!!

See you soon....Lisa xx

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

DIY - Springtime Travelers Notebook

I have a little tutorial for you today. 

I've used my March Lollipop Box Club Kit to create this Spring time Travelers Notebook. 
You can click on the video link above to watch.

I used this month's downloads which you can view here. I used these to go inside the book. I'm using the book to help with along with a little Spring Cleaning Planning. A schedule for the next few weeks to get those extra jobs done like dusting and cleaning door frames, picture rails, washing down walls etc... I explain it in more detail in the video and you can watch how the book is easily made.

Do you Spring clean? How do you go about tackling those extra jobs??

I hope you enjoy the video! 

Monday, 20 March 2017

It's been a while.......

Wow!! I can't believe it's getting on for almost 2 years since I last blogged here.

Life has really changed for us in that time. For the good though I will quickly add!!

I've just been updating the 'About Me' page and added my newest business venture which I started in May 2015. Lollipop Box Club. Which I guess is why I've stopped blogging here. I have a blog on my business website here.   But I've decided I would really like my personal blog back again. So here I am today!

So changes.....I guess it's mostly Lollipop Box Club. I thought life was busy before. Working for myself, 2 kids etc... But this business has really taken over the wedding business now and work days are longer and I'm working 7 days and evenings most weeks. But I really love it!! I just wish I had more creative time. I miss that!!

I'm still working for and designing for Cocoa Daisy which I love. I love those monthly kits!! I often find myself when I am scrapbooking working on my monthly tasts for Cocoa Daisy really needing that creative time. Although I still class it as 'work', for me it also feels like an escape from work too. My Cocoa Daisy creative time has become very important to me. I've often felt during my really busy times this past couple if years, that if it hadn't been for me having these deadlines and commitments I might not have continued scrapbooking due to lack of time. So I'm very grateful for this.

Talking of design teams, I was so excited to be asked to join the Simple Stories 2017 Creative Team. What an honour!! A company I have loved for years and years. I am beyond excited!!
I started up a YouTube channel a few months ago and I have a new video up today with me celebrating my Simple Stories news with a Simple Stories project which you can see here.

On a less creative note, we are still loving our Disney trips. Our last one was October 2014. So long ago!! We'd hoped for a 2016, but all the family wanted to join us, so we planned a Summer 2017. We then did a US Roadtrip last Easter. Just the 4 of us. New York - DC - Through Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and spending a week with my Dad in Indiana. It was amazing. We loved it so much we are now planning another roadtrip for next year. 
The family now can't make this years Disney trip, so it's the 4 of us again and we are going in August. We are so excited!!!
I continue to document our trips. There is a link to my trip reports on the rightside of the blog if you fancy a read.

So that's us!!  

I'm happy to be back here again. I think it's time to be blogging once again.
Please leave a comment and say 'Hi' whether you know me from before or are new to my blog. I'd love to hear from you,

Thank you. See you soon. Lisa xxx       


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fancy a Beverage???

I never realised just how typically English we are as a family until I chat with lots of you from other places all over the world on our fab Cocoa Daisy message board. We LOVE our tea. We have a cup of tea in the afternoon, followed by another cup of tea after dinner with something sweet like homemade cake or a cookie. When we go on holiday we have to take our teabags with us. I like a strong breakfast style tea, as does my daughter and Ade my husband drinks a very milky Earl Grey. Yuk!
We buy a $1 Starbucks takeaway mug when we are on holiday in the US and when we lay around the pool, we take it in turn to go back to the condo to make a fresh brew. Yes it may be 90F, but there’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea no matter the weather.
So my Cocoa Daisy Challenge this month is to scrap your beverage story.
You have until 4th August 11pm EST to play along. Please see here for full details. No Cocoa Daisy Kit required. One lucky scrapper will win a $10 gift card to spend in the Daisy store.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Help I'm trying to find someone....

I'm trying to find 2 ladies who came and spoke to me when I was teaching in the Sparkle Dreams Craft shop in Swindon on Saturday 20th June.

If it was you, please can you email me on:

I never received your email that you said you sent so I haven't been able to get back to you.
The next class is booked for Saturday 12th September in Swindon and I know you wanted to do a mini book class. Please get in touch!!

Thanks Lisa xx