Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Yummy Sketch

Here's the yummy sketch from Sketchy Thursdays this week. Nice eh?!!
I had something completely diferent in mind. I was actually going to do the larger photo with 3 little ones, but then this came together.

My love for baking and pretty things in pink.
I swpapped the 3 little photos at the side for the 3 little frames instead.

I used a pretty 12x12 die cut page to lay over my bazzill and spray misted with about 3 colours.

Do you like my pink mixing bowl? A Christmas prezzie from Ade last year : )
The majority of this is still leftovers from the Cocoa Daisy July kit.

My Cocoa Daisy kit finally arrived this morning. It took 3 weeeks, all but 1 day to come. Amazing!! It was worth the wait though. I very speedily managed 1 LO first thing and another has been started. I just couldn't wait.

I'm meeting my friend at the healthclub tonight. Fitball class. I think I must be nuts. She assures me it's very relaxing. I actually feeling very nervous, but looking forward to our swim,sauna, steam and gossip afterwards.

Enjoy the rest if your day xxx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mini Book and New Kitchen

Good Morning,
Lots to share today.
Starting with this little project that I made using the September Cocoa Daisy Kit.
I loved making this latest Mini Book. What I loved most of all was how easy it all came together.

Full details on how it was made are on the Cocoa Daisy Blog here.

And now onto my newly painted kitchen. Yay!!
I'd painted it about 7 years ago a combination of a minty green and a lilac with the wall where my range cooker is a very dark purple. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But it was so dark and over the years Ade and I seem to be collecting pale pink and blue accessories, crockery etc. So it's now all white (with the exception of 1 pink wall) and now all our pink and blue goes perfectly.

This is my favourite part, where I keep my coffee maker : )

The kitchen is L shaped, we had it knocked through a few years ago.

On the right by the back door is my studio : )
So easy to pop in and out of here and where I spend most of my life.
(photo above)

And the pink wall which reminds me of strawberry milkshake.
Where I keep my favourite recipe canvases. Very Handy.

So, I am very happy. This has lead to me sorting the understairs cupboard yesterday, Ade's junk food cupboard (which if I had my way would be used for something else) and now I'm about to attack the studio, starting with sorting paperwork. Yuk!! I would rather iron I destest it that much. Still, I will feel better when it's done.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Scraplift

Today I'm adding this LO which I made at Sue's a few days ago.
Nicky and I took a magazine and decided to scraplift the same LO. We've done this before and like seeing what we both end up with.
One of Ronda's LO was in the magazine, so we chose her's.
To see Ronda's LO and the one that Nicky made too, click this link here.

Cocoa Daisy Scraplift.

I used mostly Crate Restoration papers to scrap my lovely husband.
It's a good job I didn't have to upload this LO last week as I hated him. I don't think I could have added it to my blog to be honest.
But I love him again this week.
Don't you just love hormones... I know he loves mine : ) Poor Ade x

The kitchen is finally finished. Horray!!
We called it a day at about 10pm last night. Ade kindly put everything back up on the walls for me, my cook book stand, untensil rack etc.
I love it so much. I can't believe what a difference a new lick of paint has made.
It feels lovely. I baked a lemon loaf cake this morning whilst enjoying my new kitchen. I feel so inspired to decorate throughout now. First the hallway, now the kitchen. The kids bathroom is currently stripped bare, nothing, not a sink or a tile. We now have about 3 weeks though to get that done before Dad visits from USA and I have a houseful. No pressure : )
I would really like to do my studio. It's only been decorated the once, about 7 years ago when it was converted from a garage to how it is now. But as with all building work, cracks start appearing after a few months. It's looking very tired and needs a good lift. The thought of clearing out all this stuff though is very scary.

One last thing I wanted to mention.
Amanda has added my bits and pieces to the new Scrap Rat shop. See here.
And the first blog post is live with some creations from me : )

Thank you.
See you soon xxx
Please go a take a look.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Something Old, Something New

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you had a good weekend.
My friend Amanda has started a new venture.

Scrap Rat

A lovely crafty store specialising in all vintage scrap goodies.
It's very early days still, the online store only went live yesterday and there's still lots more goodies to be added. Please pop over and take a look though.

Amanda kindly asked both myself and the very talented Tessa Buys to design for her.
I then received the most amazing package of goodies to play with.
I have made quite abit already. The frame above was my first project using the script papers, cards, lace and the vintage typed words.

Not only is everything so unique and wonderful to play with, look how it arrives.

Everything comes so beautifully packaged. I had to grab the camera before I started opening it all. It all looks so lovely. Things like the packaging really make a difference I think.
There's also free p&p within the UK and some special offers running right now.
So good luck Amanda, I hope the new venture really gets off to a great start.
Visit Scrap Rat here.

This then leads me to Amanda's other baby, The Studio.
A new challenge was launched yesterday. Scrap your perfect day.
I'm always telling Ade that I would love to take him to New York.
I went years ago before we were together and I know he would love it.
It's such a perfect place for him.
Shopping, coffee shops, a bit of sightseeing.
Visit the Studio to see what the other's came up with and you can join in too.

I'm in the midst of painting the kitchen. I spent all day painting yesterday. Everything is white. I love it. Top coats now, I'd really like to get it finished and cleaned before school later.
Wish me luck : )

Saturday, 25 September 2010

I Love Mini Books

I just wanted to share with you today what I'm most excited about this weekend.

I've signed up for an E CLASS with the lovely Elsie.
I've been following Elsie for years now. I loved her papers and embellies way back then and adored her scrapbooking books.

I enjoy Elsie's blog daily and reading about her latest adventure. This lady really inspires me. She really does and on a daily basis.

Here's her blog if you haven't come across it before.

A Beautiful Mess

And if like me that photo gets you so excited and gives you the urge to start making and creating, read further here for more information on how to join this class.

Photo Journals

Happy Saturday xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Bingo Cards - Show and Tell

I think Autumn is setting in now. Rain and dark cold evenings have suddenly appeared.
All the more excuse to stay in and craft I say.

I put a little tutorial together for the papermaze blog recently making the photo hanging decoration above.
All you need to make it are the ingredients below and some photos.
If you visit the papermaze blog here. You will get step by step photos and links to buy the various materials too.

I just hung it infront of the mirror for the photograph, so the backs and fronts can be seen. I've actually hung it from the ceiling above my desk in my studio. It looks really pretty and reminds me of our beachy days. Espcially on rainy days like today.

Thanks for looking xx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sketchy Thursday - Silliness

Great sketch again this week from Sketchy Thursdays. One to get your teeth into.
Let your creativity go wild and see what you come up with .

I decided it was time for a silly LO. I squished it down to one page and decided this was a good opportunity to do a page where I had lots of photos that I wanted to scrap.

This is when printing your own photos really comes in handy. I love printing my own. Cropping them, making all those little touches.

So here's a whole day of silly photos taken at Epcot this year.
Another LO with the Cocoa Daisy September Kit.
Mr Postie still hasn't given me my October kit yet and it's been 2 weeks now.

I love this flower punch so much. The EK Sucess punches are by far my favourites.

Right that's it from me. I have a horrid headache coming on.
No sympathy though, I haven't had enough to eat or drink today. I'm my own worst enemy , I know. xxx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Gesso Love

Have you ever used Gesso?
It's something we've been chatting about recently on the Cocoa Daisy Boards.
It's a white primer and is used like paint, but not as thick. I've used it on this LO. It's great to use over patterened paper, you can still see the pattern through it, but it really tones it down.

This was a LO that was started before bed. Plastering it on and finishing it off with flicking my gesso bottle a few times to get some light splashes. It can then dry properly over night.
Once the gesso is dry, it can then be embellsihed accordingly. I've continued with the gesso using it lightly over my chipboard heart, over the silky petals and I've added shreds of tissue paper too. I haven't stuck them down, I've just brushed over with the gesso.

Once finished, I used the same brush to edge the photo. It just softens up the look of the photo.

So see more or to join in with a challenge that Ronda set, visit Cocoa Daisy here.

Gesso can be bought from most arts and crafts stores. It's not the cheapest of things to buy, but it lasts and lasts. You really get your monies worth.

I've been meaning to mention a new scrapbook site that a friend of mine has started up. It's a scrap review site. They are basically using kits and products and then giving an honest review on the products in terms of quality and value for money. There are also giveaways on the site.
Pop over and take a look. Scrap That!
Today is the last day for the Scrapagogo Give away. Good Luck.

One last thing, I was very muddled yesterday and all day long I thought it was Wednesday. Doh!! So the Twisted Sketches Challenge will go live tonight not yesterday night. Silly me.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cocoa Daisy - Mykonos Challenge

As some of you are aware, many of our Cocoa Daisy girls are lucky enough to be over in Mykonos right now experiencing Scrapbooking at it's very best.
So we've been having a little Mykonos Inspired fun over on the Cocoa Daisy boards.
I've just launched a challenge today. Go over and take a peek at the Mykonos photo here. Use this for inspiration and come up with whatever you please. Take from it the colours, the holiday theme, the design of the block buildings. It's up to you.
Then pop back and share over at Cocoa Daisy.

I've enjoyed scrapping these photos of Louis who still hasn't grasped how to paddle and always ends up completely drenched.

And I'm still using my Cocoa Daisy Sept Kit. I've lost count of the amount of projects I've made with this one now.

And don't forget,
Twisted Sketches newest sketch goes live tonight. Here's my little sneaky Peeky!
I have the sudden urge to tell you I love you Sue W : ) My double dipping little friend xxx

Almost 3pm, school run. Where do the hours go???
Don't forget to stop by at Cocoa Daisy You don't have to get the kits to join in xx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Another week ahead.
Nothing major planned.
The sun is shining.
Work is busy this week.
And I'm still feeling very happy about getting together with such great friends at the weekend. Good friends are worth their weight in gold aren't they?!!

I managed to scrap a fair bit at Sue's. Amongst some DT projects, I joined in with The Color Room this week. I always intend to join in, but don't manage it as often as I would like. Here's this weeks colour pallete.

So here's my LO. My negative child. As often as he makes me laugh, he makes me roll my eyes. Here we go again. ''I've had the worst day ever''....''This is the worst meal I've ever eaten''.....''I hate school''.....or today quite chirpy...''I'm not going to school today Mummy''.
So quite chirpily back I just answered ''Ok, that's fine. That's a shame though as you won't be able to tell Oliver that you can't go to his party''.
I try not to react and just reply as upbeat as possible. Every now and then reminding him of all the good things.

(click photo)

I've used the Restoration Collection from Crate Paper. It arrived at the end of last week and I LOVE it. I can see me needing more of this.
I handcut these leaves, 'ruffed' up the edges with scissors, inked and then hand stitched the centres.

The background was made by laying a die cut sheet over part of the page and spray misting quite lightly.
Once the page was finished I splattered it with some Tattered Angels Sunflower glimmer mist.

Thanks for stopping by xxx

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Sugar Rush

Yesterday was so much fun. I had a lovely scrappy day with the girls and we laughed lots as always and got looked after so well by Sue's hubby as always.
Today I am tired. What is it about crops that's just totally exhausting?
Thankfully now the kids are abit older we can lie in, but I've felt zonked all day long.

Today sees a new challenge at The Studio.
It's been set by Lain Ehmann.
And here's what she says:

Use holiday theme stuff on a page that's NOT about that holiday. I have tons of holiday stuff (Christmas and Halloween in particular) that only makes it out once a year - I'd love to use it in some creative ways and see what other people can do.

So I've used an Easter paper collection from Scenic Route. Lynden Easter.
It seemed rather fitting using it with this photo of Hollie using her first mud face mask before a school disco this year.

The kids and I baked 'Blondies' a little while ago. (the oppisite of Brownies) So I'm about to serve them for afternoon tea. I love it when we have a cooked lunch and something light at tea time. I think I might put the coffee on too : )

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Off to Sue's I go...

Good Morning,

Early one from me today.
The bags are backed and by the door, I've just taken a cake out of the oven and Steph will be here in an hour to pick me up.

We are heading to Sue's for the day and meeting Nicky there for a day crammed of giggles and scrap. Yay!!!!
I can't wait to see those girls.

I wanted to show you this.
Remember this LO I did early Summer, my so glamorous sister?

Well I got asked for it to go in this Swedish magazine with an article from Ronda who scraplifted my page. I felt so honoured.
The magazine is lovely and full of the most beautiful projects. It's made me so sad that we have nothing like this over here anymore : (
Just a shame I can't read the magazine.

I'd better shoot. I still need to shower and dress, although the thought of scrapping all day in pjs is very tempting.

To ease the gulit of leaving my brood all day I picked up a magazine for the kids and a choccie bar for elevenses. Ade kindly carried the magazines to the check out for me. So helpful. Infact so helpful, he helped himself to a magazine too and I didn't even notice until after I'd paid. Cheeky Cheeky!!!

Have a lovely Saturday.
Hugs xx

Friday, 17 September 2010

He Said

Yay for Sketchy Thursdays and Cocoa Daisy.
The two combined today.

Below is the new Sketchy Thursdays sketch. And above is my LO.

I've used the September Cocoa Daisy kit. I love this colour Combo.

And I'm so excited to be picked again for another 6mth on the Sketchy Thursdays design team. Thank you Diana and Heidi. You know how much I love being on your team.

Don't forget to stop by at Sketchy Thursdays and link up if you join in.