Sunday, 7 September 2008

And on a lighter note.......

First off, here's the lighter note ....actually I don't know if it really is, as this is something that deep down really annoys me. The LO is titled 'You Win Again'
The challenge was set over at UKS things to be included were:
A Beegees title, bling, ribbon, buttons and red. (I forgot about the bling and then later added 3 diamantes on the arrow)
I instantly thought of this title as soon as I read the ingrediants for this LO.
The fact is.....Ade goes out to win EVERY game we play. It really annoys me......let the kids have a chance Ade!!!!!!!!! (click photo to read jornaling)

Now for the more serious LO.
Nicky set a Friday night challenge on Just Bex. To make a project using black, cream and red.
I knew this would be LO using photos from the old box of photos I have from Nanny and Bamppy. I starting looking through this morning and I have lots from Bammpy at Pegasus Bridge in France. The colours all go perfect, but I need more history and info before I can scrap them. So I found this old original postcard of the Berlin Wall. I've scanned and scrapped it.

I find all this history fascinating and have added the background info behind the wall with dates and facts of the fall of the wall too. I remember when it came down, I was living in Germany at the time. It was such a big deal. My nan had a piece of the wall on her mantle piece as a momentom. I wonder where that is now???????????????????????? xx


CraftyCarol said...

I think it is a man thing I've got one just like Ade, they just hate to lose!

Like your layout re: Berlin Wall it's quite amazing how interesting looking into your family history can be x

Nickynoo said...

Lis, your LO's are fab as always. The Berlin one actually brings back good memories for me, as I went there as a student one year after the wall came down, it was fascinating to see the differences between east and west, and the Brandenburg Gate had been restored and was quite a sight.

Hazel said...

What a super LO, Lis - lovely to depict history in such a fab way.