Saturday, 9 May 2009

Am I mad?????

I desparately wanted to go to Radio 1's big weekend in Swindon. Ade and I both registered for tickets and so did all my family that live in Swindon....the only one that got them was my 21 yr old punk brother who doesn't even follow radio one and listens to things like Marilyn Manson. He was going to take a friend who then last night decided she wouldn't go as there was a 60% chance of rain.
We went to swindon last night. The Link centre where my sister works (the ice skating bit) had some of the radio 1 dj's in. So we left the kids with Mum and all went up. Sarah-Jane (my sis) was working, but my brother -in-law, his sisters and their partners were with us. It was such a laugh and the skating was fun.
Here's Aled from radio 1....he's just so sweet.

And Sarah-Jane and me.
Anyway, we got back to Mum's just before midnight and my brother asked me if I wanted to go with him today. I ended up declining : ( I feel gutted, but I had to come back with the kids and it takes over an hour to get to ours and we didn't get home until 1.30am. To then have to drive back to Swindon this morning again and I felt so guilty to Louis as Hollie is on a sleepover tonight and we were planning to do stuff with him and I know how much Ade wanted to go too.
So today I feel sad.....I so wanted to go : (


Paula said...

I feel your pain, I was gutted last year when it was in Maidstone, I'd been planning to register for ages and then the registration opened and closed whilst I was in Thailand and I missed the whole thing. But then I was in Thailand so it wasn't ALL bad!

Steph said...

You are mad but also very self-less, truely a wonderful person xxx Just listen online in the comfort of your own home xxx

Nickynoo said...

Oh Lis, no wonder you're gutted, so near yet so far :(. Yes, it would have been amazing to go, but we all make certain decisions for certain reasons, and I'm sure you did the right thing xxx

Nina said...

Gutted! I won tickets a few years ago but it was in scotland and we were so skint so we couldnt go. Boo Hoo!