Thursday, 4 August 2011

Oh So Quiet

Back to normal again.
Just the 4 of us.
Our little visitor Millie left last night and we are all missing her : (
It's been so lovely having a little one in the house again, I really miss these days.
It rained so hard in the night and I woke to check on her and remembered she wasn't there.
We had a really chilled day yesterday after a couple of very busy days.
We went to our local common with friends and picked blackberries.
Here's Louis with Millie.
I love how the kids have been so good with her especially as they don't have much to do with little ones. Hollie became a right little Mummy.

So this morning now I'm enjoying some peace and quiet.
Ade's gone back to work, Hollie is enjoying a lie in and Louis is on Club Penguin upstairs.
It's raining hard which is kind of adding to the cozy feel.
We are visiting friends later this morning that we haven't seen for some time and we are all looking forward to it. I need to bake a cake before we go. A lemon drizzle I'm thinking. You can't go wrong with a lemon drizzle, can you?

I wanted to share some ATC's.
I joined in with a swap for the second time at Cocoa Daisy. Really not my thing these ATC's but I have really enjoyed it. I think because it's swapping amongst friends it feels so different.
Here's what arrived last week.

I have one from Denise who kindly organised it, Nicky Noo, Asil and Marie.
And this was the first lot I received.
I've decided to put them all on a canvas.
I thought that would look really good in my studio, a mini piece of art from my scrappy friends.

Hollie and I made some more felt jewellery one evening last week. Another one of those moments when I just was so thankful for having a daughter. It's so much fun doing this together.
The flower has ribbon at the back so I tied it to my wrist, but I've also tied it to the straps on my top too.

I guess it's time to get sorted now.
I have so many photos to go through from Millie's visit.
I just started this morning but I've managed to bugger it all up. I have no idea what I've done so I think I will just need to shut everything down here and cross my fingers tightly that when I switch it back on it's all back to normal again.
I do hate techy stuff. It's just not in my blood.

Have a lovely day scrappy friends.
Hugs xxx


Heather Jacob said...

wow those cards/tags are gorgeous .. how wonderful having them there to remind you of your scrappy friends ... love the idea .. hugz x

Sue said...

sounds like you had fun with Millie. Its raining hard here too - such a pain after the sunshine but it did need to cool down a bit

Have a lovely day Lis xxx

Kim said...

OOO that would look just fabulous in your scraproom, lucky you!

Lea said...

Such a cute picture of your son and niece! That flower you made is beautiful!!! So versatile, great idea!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds like a great week! I loveeeeeee the photos and loving the ATC's you got! Very cool! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Diana Fisher said...

Love the flower, and so glad you had a nice time with Millie visiting. :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

The flower you made is gorgeous.... hugs...xoxo