Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I will keep this quick today.
We are having all the gas pipes replaced and the gas meters in our road today so we have no gas which means no heating.
Half way through the day and I'm starting to feel cold.
I think I need to get up from my desk and do something now.

I still have a couple of LO's to share from the Cocoa Daisy crop at the weekend.
This one is from a challenge I set called Home Baked:
(click to enlarge)

I love that Crafter Workshop Template : )

And for the Sketch Challenge.

Yes, I am an early bird : )

I also want to share with you a blog I found today.
When visiting Brit Sviggum's Blog, I found this challenge blog that Brit designs for.
Take a look. (there is a translate button to click on)
It has to be one of the most inspiring challenge blogs I've ever seen. The LO's are just amazing.
I just had to share.

Off to get warm now. I think I might put a hottie in the microwave.
I can't even make tea as my kettle only works on my gas stove and I just can't face another latte. They make me feel so full.

Have a lovely warm day xxx


Heather Jacob said...

wow these are stunning ... so graphic and fun and funky ... love love love them ... big hugz x
hope you get the pipes fixed ok... x

Emma said...

Ughhh I feel your pain, no gas = nightmare. We are having all our pavements dug up and new water pipes starting Monday, I am dreading it, saw it done on another road and the mess etc was astronomical, not to mention a day with no water! That will finish just in time for the cavity wall men who come in Dec to do our insulation - ace! Love your layouts I am NOT an early bird I hate waking up!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Stay warm!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's!! You are my misting queen!!! And I am an early bird too... I get up at 3AM everyday! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Sian said...

You're right! It's a really inspiring challenge site. The sketches are beautiful. I found it after I googled "scrapbooking in Norway" after our holiday there!

Hope the gas is fixed soon

Carin McDonough said...

Fantastic layouts I love all the texture you have created on the first one! :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

whoa Lisa... !!! You totally awesome.. do you know that!!! Love those layouts STUNNING!!!... stay warm.... keep rocking...coz i heart your style... always inspired me... hugs...xoxo

missusem said...

Stay safe and warm! :)

Denise said...

I have loved each and every layout you have done for the challenges Lisa. Sorry about the utilities. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. have a wonderful weekend.

AnnaDrai said...

A very creative LO and challenge site :)

Anonymous said...

love your LO's Lisa..wish I could have made the CD crop but had a huge weekend!..such awesome challenges! the link to the challenge site..tfs Gx

Lucia said...

I'm obsessed for backgrounds and I love yours!!!Are so funny...
Thanks for sharing