Friday, 20 January 2012

There's No Such Thing As Luck!!

I've had stuff this week that I've wanted to blog and share but this week has just been a whirlwind.
Work has gone crazy and I mean crazy.
For those of you that don't know I have a wedding business that I run from home.
Funky Fairies
I started the business back in 2003. The last couple of years have been quieter and at times I felt quite defeated. Money became tighter, I cut back and had no one working for me, but I didn't give in. I've worked hard, pushed myself, revamped the website, come up with new ideas, pushed my scrapbooking and teaching too and now I'm busy again just like I was back in the earlier days. January this year feels like it should be summer with my volume of work I have.
I'm so relieved.

I have found though that over the years I'm not taken seriously with what I do.
As I always do the school run and seem a very organised and bubbly person I think people see me as having a little hobby where I earn a few extra pennies.
What they don't see is my alarm set for 4.30/5am daily (sometimes earlier during peek summer) working 7 days a week until 10/11pm rushing to take kids to school, throwing ingredients in the crock pot when I get in at 8.30am so dinner is sorted for that night, grabbing kids from school at 3pm to come back and start again, stopping for dinner and starting again once the kids are sorted for bed and working all evening and weekend too.
(With all the mini breakdowns in between as I'm tired, stressed, frustrated as upstairs is untidy as I live with 3 messy people and feel sometimes like I run a oneman show.....only Ade and the Kids have the pleasure of experiencing this *smile*)

And then over the years I have heard this said so many times ''That I am lucky''.
Lucky because I work hours to suit, lucky because I haven't had to worry about child care, lucky because I've never needed to miss a school event, sports day etc due to work, lucky when I bought my brand new convertable a few years back, lucky when we've had lovely holidays to nice places.

Luck doesn't come into it though. It's all down to hard work. Hard work and determination.
This is something I feel real strong about and try and drum into our kids.
You get nowhere by sitting still doing nothing. You have to work at it to achieve.
That's where the inspiration came for this recent canvas I made.
It's hung in the kitchen to remind us all.

(click to enlarge)

And on that note I shall get back to work : )
Have a fabby weekend.
Lots of love xxx


AnnaB said...

I love that canvas Lisa! I know how hard you are working and I really admire you! I'm so glad things are looking better with the amount of work....!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

A brilliant post Lisa, well said. I'm with Anna and really admired your determination and hard work. If you don't go out of the house to work, people really don't get it!

Hope you have a really successful year with your business.

Have to say that I feel a bit lucky at the moment though as I won two scrapping challenges yesterday!!

Donna said...

totally love the canvas. everything about it. glad to hear you are busy again at work, but you are so correct........can't sit still.

Emma said...

I don't know how you do those early mornings, well done on that alone :) Love your canvas, good message!

NickyNoo said...

You tell 'em, Lis! I know it's frustrating when people just don't 'get it' - but those close to you truly know how hard you work, and are full of admiration for it. Love your canvas, I like the quote too :) xxx

Sue said...

mmm very true post and I love the art work very special

Denise said...

wow. reading this made me feel so calm and good. I am so happy for you Lisa. I know how hard you work and what it takes to be successful when running a business. 2012 is going to be awesome for both of us. I can feel it!

patti west said...

hi Lisa, Your post really hit a nerve with me. I'll sometimes make a comment to the hubs that "we're lucky". He'll always respond w/some sort of "luck has nothing to do with it...we work hard..." I agree with your sentiments and am so glad that your business is booming. You're always a creative inspiration!

Lea said...

Great post! I completely agree. Love the canvas!!!

Lisa-Jane said...

I Pinned the design initially but the sentiment is so true too. We are often described as "lucky" but we have worked hard to get here. We may have x, y or z that someone else doesn't have but there are other things we go without too - its about priorities. My priority now? Have a cup of tea ;-)