Friday, 22 June 2012

Travel Journals

Do you like to travel?
Have you traveled much in the past?
Do you also have a list of places you still want to visit one day?

I'm teaching in Swindon this coming Sunday.
We are making Travel Journals.

I love to travel.
I never traveled much as a child, but then at 13yrs my parents decided to move our family to Germany. We weren't with the Forces (that's the first question I always get asked) but my Dad's half German so we have lots of family out there. Not speaking German, my little sister and myself got put into German schools and that was us for the next few years.
My parents split up, Mum moved back to the UK, Dad to USA. I got a job with Lufthansa and my travels began.
I love it.
I miss the frequent breaks now that I have a family, but love planning our trips to Florida.
I've had some amazing trips over the years, just popping over to Germany and also Copenhagen for lunches with friends, a long weekend in Bangkok, Lots of trips to the US and various other places and back then we were always upgraded to business class : )

I have many stories to tell, but haven't really documented them anywhere as it was mostly from my pre scrapbooking days. I now want to get them all down in this journal.
A place for stories, memories and bits and pieces that have been kept over the years.

There are pockets and envelopes inside for keepsakes, fold out pages for longer journaling and extra photos. The book is made in a way that extra pages can always be added as my traveling continues.

The class is fully booked, but I do believe we could possibly squeeze one more person in.
The details of the class are here.
 If we get enough requests, I am happy to repeat the class again another time : )
It's very arty and layered, a really beautiful mini book to keep and be treasured forever.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a fantastic book and sounds like it's going to be an amazing class!!!!

Sue said...

you are teaching some fabulous stuff Lis can you move nearer me please

Audrey Yeager said...

This looks absolutely beautiful!

Lea said...

Sounds like you're teaching some great classes. Love what your going to put in this book. And the book itself is fabulous! Wish I could be at this one. :)

Denise said...

wow Lisa, your book is beautiful and I am so happy the class is full!!

Michelle said...

Amazing class hunny! Thx 4 the inspiration x

Lynnda said...

I love coming here!!!! Amazing book... Gorgeous too....I am sure the class is going to be awesome and amazing!!! hugs...xoxo

yyam said...

Oh wow! I love to travel too. So you are 1/4 German? :)
You should document all your art journal seems perfect. Enjoy your class!

P/s: I think it's great that you did your travels before the whole globalization in the last decade...

Kim said...

SIGH............this looks incredible Lisa Ilove all the layers and distressing!!!

Emily Pitts said...

Lisa, I had no idea you were such a traveller! How fun to have all those experiences in your life! This is beautiful!