Friday, 3 August 2012

My Travel Journal - Cocoa Daisy Project Kit

I've been really excited to share this latest journal of mine.

I spent 8 hours sat on my lounge floor making this last weekend.
That was whilst watching some of the Olympics, The movie 'Super 8', 2 episodes of 24, more Olympics and a couple of 'Cake Wars' and some more Olympics.

Although I do have a studio to work in, I do love spreading out on the lounge floor and working on a project. The tv in front of me and no other distractions.

I'm a sucker for a Mini Book these days.
When Christine first showed her Mini Book sneaks, I knew I had to have this project kit.
I was so pleased with what I received. I had an idea after it arrived (I originally was going to turn it in to a leavers book for my son's Junior school when he leaves next year)
But then I decided to turn it into a Florida Travel Journal.

When we go to Florida, I never like to show our family and friends our photos until they've been scrapped. Obviously this takes quite some time and I always feel time pressure to get this done and by the time I'm done the whole excitement of the trip has passed slightly when it comes to showing family members.

So I'm getting ahead of the game this time.

I've pre-made this mini book so when we get back we can just print off loads of photos and slot them in.

Each page has 1 -2 pockets to hold the photos and each page has 1-2 journal tags that are held in the pockets. The pockets are made from the 4x6 jourrnal cards that I got as an addon. I've stuck down just the 3 sides and then vellum over the top stuck down in the same way giving me two pockets.

I am very organised when it comes to our trips.

The itinery was completed a while ago now. I've spent hours planning this trip. I work on all the park stats working out the best days to visit certain parks, allowing plenty of chill time in between, we have certain things booked and meal reservations in place. So that's why I've been able to plan this mini book ahead of time.

I've used lots of the Cocoa Daisy stamps throughout the book to carry on the style.

The only item I have added to this book which didn't belong to the kit are the red and blue stars. This is an Authentique paper that I picked up at Sparkle Dreams when I was last there as I knew it would fit in perfectly with this album and our US trip. I also added the little USA flag on the front.

I love the bits and pieces that come with this kit.
Like these kraft envelopes that will hold photos so nicely.

I can't wait to fill it now : )

We've booked a Behind The Scenes Tour at Seaworld one day, so the paper bag will no doubt come in very handy holding our tickets and photos after.

And I've made sure there is lots of space for our Seaworld journaling.

This is an Epcot day. That's why the Eiffel Tower is in there.
We will be there for the Food and Wine Festival. I thought this day would be worthy of another kraft envelope. I'm sure we will end up with loads of photos here.
We usually end up with alot of the best photos being taken at Epcot.

This is our double page for Discovery Cove.
The fabric comes with the kit too. I'm planning to stick a large photo on either side of this.
And I love the vellum envelopes that Christine always adds. So handy and super cute!

Our road trip day around the Cocoa Beach area.

And coming to the end : (

And the back of the book.

Have you ordered this project kit?
I'd love to know if you have. They sold out straight away.
It feels really good to sit down an complete a project like this.
That seems to be the secret to me making so many mini books lately. Having the stash in front of me and just getting it done in one sitting.

I do hope you have a lovely weekend.
Have fun xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You look adorable in front of your TV!! I am loving your mini!! LOVING how you added all the pockets for extra stuff!!!!

Sherry C said...

Wow, this is fabulous! How nice to have it done in advance of your trip!

Lynnda said...

You look cute !!! He he... couldnt be any better working infront of tally eh!!! ... Love your journal... I want to do one too... hugs...xoxo

Steve Paul said...

Good hard work done! but why not you try working for Plastic Cards it would be very helpful for you.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Great idea to make your album ahead of time!