Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Sketch, Some LO's and some Chat

Good Morning.
I'm cozy in joggers and mousie slippers today with a latte in hand.
The kids got a lift to school. So all is good : )
It feels very calm.

I thought I'd share some Scrap365 stuff today.
I met Katy, the editor from Scrap365 and Craft Stamper at the weekend with Paula who works alongside her. Such lovely ladies. It was so good to finally meet after working on Scrap365 for a year now, since it started.
I was able to pass over a whole box of creations for upcoming features and I also received a huge box of work that has been published this past year. It felt like Christmas : )
I'll share a couple of older pieces at the end of this post.

Have you seen the October Sketch on Scrap365?

    The challenge runs until 19th October. You can see the challenge and play along here.
The latest issue is also out for sale right now. I have to confess that although I have flicked through, I haven't had a proper read. I thought I'd save it for my flight in a couple of weeks.

A couple of oldies.
Don't brick walls make the best background?? I just love that contrast.
This was taken during a really long walk st Virginia Waters. It would've been fun but Louis was dying for a #2 and there were no loos anywhere near. It's always Louis!!!! 

This LO was from the Crafter Stamper. I used the brick wall stamp in some moulding paste but dabbed some ink on the stamp before using it.

 And then this one was all about using a large photo.
We have so many beautiful photos of the kids on Charmouth Beach. Having gone there for the past 4 Easters, we have quite a collection. It was really nice to use a big photo for a change.
I love the colours, textures and the lighting when photographing on the beach. Some of my favourite photos have been taken here.

Today, I plan to get lots of work done.I have some work that I can do in front of the tv so I might just pop on a movie.
I'm also working on my Cocoa Daisy crop LO's. I did one last night and have lots of ideas for the next.
I also need to find a recipe for sweet and sour pork in the crock pot. I have some pork steaks for tea tonight and fancy sticking them in the crock and forgetting about them until tonight.
Think I'll take a visit over to pinterest now.
And Ade's just reminded me that my new printer is due to be delivered today. Yay!!
Typical my 3-in-1 jobbie packed in just shortly after the 3yr warranty. Something about the inktray needing replacing but it costs almost as much as a new printer. 

Have a lovely day. I hope you have some nice things planned xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are GORGEOUS Lisa!!!! Loving that photo on the 2nd one!!!!

Lynnda said...

both layouts are beautiful...I heart your photo on the 2nd layout too... its a very beautiful shot!!... hugs...xoxo