Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A little bit of Magic

I've been creating again.
Nothing like a good holiday and a few thousand new photos to get that mojo kick started.

I've just launched the new 'Just for Fun' challenge over at Cocoa Daisy.
The challenge is slightly different this month. One of the Daisies 'Ronda' contacted me and came up with idea of us each scraplifting a LO from the members gallery here.
So I picked one of Ronda's to get this challenge started.
Ronda's LO is here. And if you want to play along with us, click here. It's open until 13th Dec.
And here is my take using parts of the November and the October Kits.

The word 'dream' in Ronda's title made me think of this Disney photo that we had taken. I edited it to have 'where dreams come true' along the bottom.
This is my first of many Magic Kingdom LO's that I will make for this visit. As the title says' it was voted best park by us for this trip.
Just everything about it was perfect. Weather, queue times, the things we did...everything.
We ended up visiting 3 times. On this particular 'very hot' afternoon we just stayed for the afternoon.
We also did the Halloween party and stayed from 3.30pm-11.30pm and then we came back for our last full day as we'd loved it so much.   

We got the photopass plus this time. We never fully understood the whole photo pass thing at Disney before, but the very kind photographer Kate (Londoner living in Florida for the past 8yrs) explained it all to us at the start of our first Disney day in Animal Kingdom, so we really made the most out of it.
Throughout the Disney parks you have their photographers dotted about. Outside the photo hot shots like the castle above and also when you meet the characters. We paid $219 for unlimited photos. So each time we approached a photograper they scanned our card and snapped away.
Here's this photo.

 We had just arrived at Magic Kingdom for our first visit and the photographer kind of grabbed us and spun us around as the fireworks were about to go off. How cool!! I've never seen fireworks in the day before, although to be honest, I still haven't as they were behind us : )

When you get home you can edit your photos and add various frames etc like I have done above.
 And little logos like I did in the photo below. I love these kind as the photographer just snaps away and catches the kids being totally natural. I prefer these kind to the posed.

You can also add their autographs to the photos.

And they do crazy stuff like telling Louis to cradle his arms when we were in Animal Kingdom.
When you see the photo, they've done this : )

  And the fun part of it is that it also includes all your ride photos too.

 We are really really pleased with our photos. We have around 340 Disney photos in total. It's so nice to have photos with the 4 of us in this time. I think the pass was really good value for money. We chose to download them so we can have as many copies as we wish now.

So I will end this blog post today with the 4 of us in our magical place.

And before anyone asks.... yes he is!!!


yyam said...

Oh wow! I love the sunburst effect on your layout! And the journaling on the hexies! :)

And I lovelovelove your photos! Super fun! So glad you had such a good time!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh wow! What an awesome layout! It really suits the magical theme! Love the sunburst! Gorgeous pics too! Yay! :D

Kim said...

wowowowowowowow that is just sooooo amazing I love love that sunray misted!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee the photos and love love love your lo!! LOVING the title and the sun rays!!!! And hehehehehehe... Grumpy!!! LOL!!!

Faygie Fellig said...

awesome layout

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

We loved the Disney photo pass, definitely worth the money. We really wanted the simba picture, but missed that one.

Ronda said...

What great photos Lisa! and so glad that my LO gave you a little inspiration for your awesome layout... love the fireworks!

Ronda said...

What great photos Lisa! and so glad that my LO gave you a little inspiration for your awesome layout... love the fireworks!