Saturday, 1 June 2013

Giving you a Taster of Candy Shoppe

Yes, it's the 1st of the month which means NEW KIT!!

'Candy Shoppe' is the perfect name for this months Cocoa Daisy kit.
It's so sweet.
I love the sugary sweet summer tones which this month holds.

You can see it in full here.
I picked the 'Pixie Stix' addon and also the 'Candy Dots'. They just all work so well together. I've mish mashed the whole lot up this month giving me one huge kit to play with.

 Here's what I've made so far.

Lots of the addon 'Pixie Stix' here.

I wanted to tell the story of when we went on the Dumbo Ride at Magic Kingdom.
It was pretty lame and we all agreed when we got off. A Cast Member came around as we got off to go through a survey with us to hear what we thought about the ride. Louis scored it 8/10 on all accounts say ing how good it was. When she left we were confused and asked him why he's said that. He said that he hadn't wanted to hurt her feelings : )

I'm really struggling with taking photos. My favourite camera broke a couple of weeks ago : (
So I had to use Ade's big SLR this month and I'm not so used to it, so this is a combo of the SLR and instagram.

I also made this little card for a special 'bride to be'.

 It's a mixture of the Main Kit and the Pixie Stix addon.

I'll show my other LO tomorrow. I also made another LO last night that still needs the journaling and I have more planned and a mini book too.

Love this kit!!

This week has been really busy.
The kids have been off school and I've worked loads and have been getting over a cold too.
Tues-Thurs I started work at my desk at 7am and worked until almost midnight just trying to keep up. All meals were placed infront of my at my desk except for Thursday. I did whip up a quick cake as Louis and I went to a friend's in the aqrftrenoon with other friends. We had a lovely lunch and I did take work with me too and carried on again as soon as we got in. She kindly gave us a doggie bag so the family got fed that night and I reheated her noodles and ate at my desk again that night.
 I love Elma's wonderful Indonesian cooking. I'll change that to 'we all love Elma's Indonesian cooking'. : )

Kids are now out til this evening, so it's back at work for me again now.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a super weekend xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love these!!! LOVING that red paint on your lo!!!

Lynnda said...

Love both the card and the layout!!!...beautiful!... hugs...x