Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Start of Autumn...

It's been a good start to Autumn I would say.
As I'm sat here with the sun shining through my window and an empty bowl of last nights leftover beef stew that I've just had for brunch (don't judge me!!).

The kids have settled in well to school and seem happy.
Work has been really busy, much busier that usual considering between Sept-Dec is usually my quiet season.
There's been lots and lots of this kind of thing.

and this kind of thing. Generally lots of pretty ribbons and sparkle. A nice way to spend the days and evenings, sat making.

And we are now on a very happy countdown as we are now a year until we go to Orlando : )
Sounds long but when you are planning and saving, it flies by. I can't believe it was 1 yr and 2 days ago that we were leaving home to go there. It's just flown by.
We get to book our flights next month : )

I've been trying to keep up with my Project Life pages. I'm still very chilled out about it and just do it as and when I want.
My latest page is over on the Papermaze blog today.  Please do check it out and leave me a little love.

And sticking with the thought of Autumn, I've been enjoying the change of menu these past couple of weeks. Stews, pies, pasta bakes....I just love comfort food.

Last week I made spicy pumpkin soup with fresh bread.

And this week after a really yummy dinner on Monday I'd made apple pie with homemade lemon ice cream. It was the best ice cream EVER!! And I don't usually eat ice cream.
So, that's our start to Autumn.
Sounds good to me : )
I hope you are enjoying this new season too.
Lots of love xxx


Mel said...

Exciting that you get to look forward to your holiday - anticipating an event is often the best part! Love the purple invites too!

Lynnda said...

Its always exciting to forward for the next holiday!.... I can feel you! ... Great invites! Love the purple.... and wonderful PL too.. YUM YUM... hugs...x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think I need to come to supper!! YUMMY!!!! :) I loveeeeeee the sneaks and the invites look amazing!!!

feeblefingers said...

Mmmm may i have the recipe? Do you have an ice cream maker?