Friday, 25 April 2014

Life's just one big Adventure

It certainly is right now.
Oh how things have changed these recent months.
The word this month over at 'OLW' is 'adventure'.

When I made this LO a few weeks ago, I was really struggling. The kids were off for Easter for 3 weeks and I was also trying to work. I found these school holidays harder than any other before. Surely it's supposed to get easier as they got older?
Instead I was battling with Louis who was going from one device to the next, Hollie has boyfriend troubles on and off, messy bedrooms, lazy teens not wanting to help around the house, being a taxi service...oh the joys!! Plus to top that with Ade working from home it's even harder. Trying to keep a few 12yr old boys quiet whilst Ade's on a conference call (Ade's office is opposite Louis' room upstairs).  
It's been really really hard.
But at the same time, now they are older we do have such a laugh together. I love that we all enjoy the say comedies on TV. We do have very similar sense of humours. We all love our movies and still enjoy days out.  
This photo was taken in London on an inset day at the start of the school break. We went in to London for the day and enjoyed the Southbank. We did the London Aquarium, had a coffee & cake treat, wandered down to the the Tate Gallery (Art) and had Sushi before getting the train back home.
We love the Southbank. So much to see. There were these silly mirrors along the wall so we had some fun posing.
So life isn't all bad, just changing. 
Please take a look at what the others created on the OLW team here and use the word 'adventure to inspire you too. You can upload your own creation here. It doesn't have to be a LO as you will see from the teams work. You have until 15th May to play.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I hear ya my friend ... Adam rolls his eyes at me ALL.THE.TIME and most times he hides out in his room! LOL! I loveeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING that photo and the colors!!!!

francesca biancon said...

Wow Lisa, you are great!
Congratulations, I love your projects!