Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lovely Moments with added Unicorns

We had many of these lovely moments when my family recently visited.
One in particular was a Sunday morning when we went for a stroll from our home.

I made a LO about this walk for a Cocoa Daisy Challenge which you can play along with here.

Me, Millie & Sarah-Jane

This walk was so much fun.
We are only a 5 minutes walk from Yateley Common, but there was an area that we were yet to explore.
Castle Bottom.
We've walked past the signs for this area before but never ventured through the kissing gates.
From our house, once we are on the common we walk around to the disused runway. The blackberries are great at the end of summer.

Ade & Louis

We usually follow the runway around and head back home, but today we went through the woodland at the top of the runway.

But not before my sister, Sarah-Jane, headed in to the bushes for a wee.
This happens on every outing with her.

We then arrived at the fence with the kissing gates to enter Castle Bottom.
The area that was unknown to us (after Ade having lived here all his life and me having lived in Yateley for 16years)

And this is the view that met us.

The heather was so pretty.
There were clear walk ways to follow.

Which then became a wooden walkway leading down.
Lots of stopping and chatting throughout.

And then we found this little gem of a place.
Shoes and socks soon came off.
And dresses were tucked in to knickers.
Then the paddling began. It was soooo cold.
It really is so beautiful here. It felt like we were on holiday and not a short walk from home.
We spent quite some time here paddling, chatting and messing around. I wish we'd have taken a picnic. I could have spent all afternoon here. Not a single other person was in sight.

Ben, Louis &  Hollie

And my darling sister, Sarah-Jane
I've left out the photo of her trying to put her tights back on and rolling back on the ground with all bits exposed or the ones when her dress came down too. It's hard to find a normal photo of this girl.
Anyway, we decided to continue with the walk. There was another wooden walkway up on the other side to where we had come. We had no idea where this headed.
As we got to the top and the ground evened out again we were met with this coming over to us rather quickly.
My brother in law filmed little Millie's excitement as the wild pony approached. I just love this.
You should be able to see this mini video here.
Little Millie shouting ''We found a wild horse. Isn't it amazing??'
And me saying ''it's a unicorn'.
It does look like a unicorn, doesn't it?!!
I wanted one of those blow up unicorn horns right then to attach to it's head.  
It really did feel very magical right in that moment.
I did keep my distance though, I'm not fond of ponies and horses. The rest of the family were braver than me.
Then another started galloping through rather pronto.
Joined by a couple more.
I was so ready to leave at this point.
Then there were big horses too.
The walk continued and everything opened up again and we went from woodland to this feeling very high up again.

I kept thinking how lucky we are to live here.
The walkway lead back down again then towards the woodlands.
And after a while we were back in the areas that we were familiar with.
It's times like this when I see us all together that I really how many there are of us when Dad comes to stay.
We had a really lovely time.
I loved this morning.
Family times are the best!!!


Sherry C said...

The gorgeous photos made me feel as if I were there with you! The wild horses are fabulous. Your layout is stunning!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your lo! LOVING the colors and the photo!!! And LOVING the photos from your day trip!! And I am with you on the horses .... like them from afar, but don't get me too close! LOL!!!!

Wendy McKeown said...

Lovely page. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. You've inspired me to take the kids down there for a walk.

AnnaB said...

Wow, I loved seeing all these photos. Such a beautiful place! Love your layout too!