Saturday, 11 April 2015

Life in Progress

That's the name of this LO here.

This photo was taken the week of my 40th birthday.
I'm now the shortest in the family, which to be fair isn't hard when you are 4ft10 : )

I've used this months sketch from the challenge over at Cocoa Daisy which you can find here if you want to play along.

So life right now.
It's crazy, totally crazy.
I'm talking getting up at 6am to come down to the studio to start work and finish around midnight.
Trying to put laundry on, vacuum, clean bathrooms and fix dinners in between.

I'm setting up a new business right now.
You can read a little about it here.
Lollipop Box Club
Ade's taken this week off to build a website for me.
We've never done this before, so it's been an interesting week : )
We are getting there.

Funky Fairies is busy, so that on top is hard going, but good.

Kids are off school. Hollie is working hard on her GCSE's and going in extra to school lots.
We are so proud of her.

Her prom dress arrives this week.
Customs have had their hands on it unfortunately, not only cutting the bag open that it came in so it was hanging out when it arrived with the courier and really dirty, but they cut the insides of it too open. How upsetting!!
A new one is being made, we just hope it arrives in time.

So crazy and stressful.
That's how things are right now.
We will get there : )

Hugs xxx

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