Friday, 25 April 2008

Hot and Spicy

I've finally got around to adding this card. I made it mid week, but it's been a manic couple of days. It's a daring cardmakers challenge ( from last week. The theme was 'Hot and Spicy'. I instantly thought of these 'Cherry Arte' papers I've had for a while now.....they give me a Morrocan feel, which is where the 'Hot & Spicy' comes into it.
Funny thing was, I made this with my friend Heather in mind as it's her birthday today and it wasn't until yesterday that I clicked. Her surname is Spice !!!! : )

I've also been working on some other stuff for Sassycrafts. Can't show quite yet, but am particulary pleased with one piece. xx

1 comment:

Nickynoo said...

Very spicey! Gorgeous card, and how funny about your friend's name!