Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Me @ 18months

Whilst going through my Nan's box of old photos I came across this one of me @18months old.
I showed it to Louis expecting him to say something like ''Oh Mummy you were so cute'', but instead he just looked. So I asked ''Louis, don't you think Mummy was cute?'' and he replied
''mmm little bit ugly, little bit cute.....but you are cute now Mummy !!!!''.........thanks Louis xx
(I did journal this on the back )
On my journal card tucked behind the piccie, I wrote a little story. I called Mum up last night and asked her for a story of when I was about this age. She told me that one time she managed to lock herself out. The door closed behind her shutting me inside. She was frantically knocking on the door, shouting for me to open it. I grabbed my potty and sat up in the window instead : )


Jules said...

Oh you were very cute!


Nickynoo said...

Aww, bless Louis, that's very sweet! Lovely LO, too :0)

Bex said...

Your blog is looking fantastic - I will be a regular visitor!
Fab LO's a always - but I am still wondering where you find the hours in the day!!

Love N Hugs as always
Bex xxxxx

seedlings mum said...

AWWWWWWWW! sweet - love your mums' story too.