Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I've been Tagged...

....by the lovely Est...well about 3 days ago actually, sorry Est.
So here goes.....

Chocolate or Vanilla:
Well, it would have to be vanilla as I don't like chocolate very much

Big Mac or Whopper:
Sorry, don't do either...if I had to choose it would be a cheeseburger happymeal : )

Coke or Pepsi :
Easy...pepsi max

Beer or Wine:
mmmm am partial to a Pinot but do love a bud

Coffee or Tea:
Can not survive without my latte

Apple Juice or O.J.:

Facebook or MySpace:

Summer or Winter:

Windows or Mac:

Cats or Dogs:
Would have to be dogs, but prefer guinea pigs.

Now my turn to tag 3 others...I will tag..Nicky Noo, Sue and Melis xx

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