Sunday, 6 December 2009

How to MoonWalk Sarah-Jane Style

Having a lovely Christmassy weekend here.
Here is a Christmas LO I recently made during The Studio's Charity weekend.
This was Christmas 2008. I wish Hollie would have her hair cut like that again. It's got so long and it looks so lovely shorter like that.

Did you want to know How to Moonwalk Sarah-Jane style????
Well, this is my crazy little sis on a lovely family walk.

Catch the Moon???

On that note, I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend : )


Emma said...

hahaha I couldn't see what I was looking for at first!!!! Shes got some guts!

Hollie has my hair in that photo! Great LO's

~~Audrey~~ said...

You've been busy! Luv how you mist the butterflies in the background.... that LO is fab!

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Oh my goodnes just found your blog.... yum yum love your work... have popped you on my blog list as can't miss on what your creating next
Caroline x

Sue said...

LOVE this LO

I can't believe how alike you and your sister are PMSL!!!!!

Nickynoo said...

Hah, LMAO @ Sue!!! Such a fab LO, bet your sis loves it too.