Thursday, 7 October 2010


This post today is dedicated to Friends. Aren't they the best??!!
I love my friends so so much. I like having different kinds of friends.
My sister and my hubby are my best friends, then there's friends that go way back, every day friends and special friends.
Alot of my friends are scrappy friends. I would class quite alot as special. We chat online on our message boards everyday. These girls know more about me and my family than most people. I really really love these girls and really value their friendship.

A couple the sweetest girls in scrapbooky world I know are Diana and Heidi.
They were kind enough to want me to stay for another term at Sketchy Thursdays.
Along with Julie too. Julie makes me laugh. So full of energy, a very positive lady.
So here is the brand new sketch from Sketchy Thursdays this week.

Click here to join in and see what the new design team has to offer : )

My LO this week is all about this special little friendship. My darling neice just loves our little dog. So much so, if Millie is upset or not doing as she is told, my sister calls up and I have to be Poppy down the phone and 'woof'. This sorts out Millie straight away. I do feel very stupid doing this though, but as I love my niece so much : )

These photos were taken last weekend. Millie decided that Poppy needed a 'blankie and tea'.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to meet one of my special Cocoa Daisy friends Anna.
Anna is a gem of a girl from Sweden. So kind, so sweet. I loved being able to meet her in London yesterday. Thank you Anna for a lovely evening.

Today I am tired, so tired. Ade and I went to London early afternoon and did so much. We didn't plan to, it just kind of happened. Now I feel shattered. It was a great day though.
I've had my lovely friend Steph over scrapping today and tonight I'm seeing 'Mum friends' for a good goss. Should be a giggle, but right now I'm not feeling so sociable.

And talking of bestie scrappy friends, I'm due a call from my bestie any minute. Better go get the coffee on

: )

Lots of love xxxx


Diana Fisher said...

I love the page!! And I would definitely call you a friend. We learn so much about each other through our pages, don't we?! I feel like a lot of you all know me better than even my hubby sometimes!

Jeanet said...

I love this page and that story is so sweet! Loving those photo's of your niece with a blanket and a cup of the for your adorable doggie!Beautiful colors and misting!Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

yyam said...

A really really sweet page! The colours are just so pretty!!!!

An ode to friends! How lovely. I've had so many friends move to so many different countries that I really appreciate my online scrappy friends. Even the simple exchange of comments on each other's blogs makes me grateful for the connection!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwww I just got tears in my eyes from your sweet words! Thanks sooooooooo much! You my dearest are one sweet friend! I love love love love your lo! I loveeeee those photos and loving the twine around the alphas! And loveeeeeeeeeeee that cute photo of you and Anna! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

MirjamC said...

beautiful page...what a cute pictures and i love the misting!!!
your work is really awesome!!!great to be a part of this talented ST team:)