Friday, 14 October 2011

Gotta Laugh!!

It's Friday 5pm and I'm only just blogging my Sketchy Thursdays Challenge.
That's what this week has been like. If I had a tail, I would be chasing it!!
All good stuff, just super busy.

Here is my take.
(click to enlarge)

I first had the idea of printing on the side on my pp, but then whilst going through some Fancy Pants papers for another project I saw this paper from the 'Summers End' collection and though 'BINGO' . It was perfect! I also had a mask that I han't used before. I won some vouchers from a while ago and got it thinking it would be small. But its a biggie, but I like it. It's been sitting here some quite some time waiting to be used.

And now for the story.
My sister is stupid. Crazy stupid. We laugh so much when we are together. I really do pee myself at times. The tears stream and I can no longer stand. The kind of laughing that makes you ache. We were already at that stage in a garden centre in August and then I came around the corner and saw her like this. She was just hanging and completely silent. I still giggle now when I think about it.
I love being a kid again. I love sillyness.

So here it is, this weeks sketch.
You can play here.

I'm off to Sue's tomorrow with Steph and Nicky. It's become a twice yearly meet. I love it.
I must get my arse into gear now and decide what to take. I feel like I have a ton of deadlines looming. A lovely new CD did arrive this week though. Along with addons and full of scrummy yummyness.
I must print off some photos and think of some stories to scrap.
I fancy doing some funny ones.
I love laughing whilst scrapping : )
There will be plenty of that tomorrow.
I shall try not to be too rude. I forget myself sometimes when I am with these girls. I've become slightly too comfortable. I think they are used to my sense of humour now though : )

Talking of laughing tis The Middle and Modern Family tonight Yay!!
We've become so addicted to Modern Family the kids and I.
We watch them over and over and still laugh.
Louis does a wicked 'Cam' impression.

Well, enjoy your weekend.
I'm doing a wedding Fayre on Sunday, so a busy one for me.


Sue said...

can't wait to see you be as RUDE as you like you usually are XXXXXX

NickyNoo said...

Yeah, don't hold back Lis, you don't normally bother ;o) So looking forward to it. Love your page, that stencil is lovely, and how you used it xx

AnnaB said...

It's wonderful that you're having so much fun together with your sister and I love your layout! Have a fab time tomorrow!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeee this!! What a funny story! LOVING the masking! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lynnda Hosni said...

Beautiful layout Lisa... what a funny story eh... hugs...xoxo

Kim said...

ooooooo more delish misting!!!

Denise said...

laughing like that is so good! hope tomorrow is a laugh riot as well!

Lea said...

Oh I love the colors on this, especially the leaves. And the story is funny. Laughing and scrapping... there isn't a lot that's better than that!

Carin McDonough said...

Fantastic layout and your sister sounds like a hoot! :)

Hannah said...

LOVE this LO, such great colours and sketch :) Hope you had a good time at your crafty meet up :)