Monday, 30 September 2013

Feeling Arty

Do you ever get that arty feeling where you just feel like doing something but you don't know what?
You may just have 20mins/half an hour, not really enough time to create a LO but you just feeling like doing something.

I felt like that Friday late afternoon.
The kids were home from school, we were sat together with hot drinks and twinkies that Dad had bought back from the US.

I really had the urge to do something but didn't want to disappear into my studio. So instead I grabbed my art journal, some scraps from my Cocoa Daisy Kit and a black journal pen.

I had already prepped some pages in my journal, they were painted and misted waiting for a moment like this. So I just sat, chatted with the kids, watched tv with them and got arty at the same time.

It was just the quick fix that I needed and made me feel so much better : )
These are my favourite colours right now.
We are decorating the lounge/family room with light neutral colours and pops of teal, green and warm orangey/reds. I'm loving it and it feels so cozy.
I'll share some piccies soon.
And documented why I love Autumn so much.
I like this page in my journal.
If you are inspired by art journals or if you fancy giving it a go, I highly recommend you take a look at Anna's monthly Project Art blog posts.
I'm finding them so inspiring and loving all the tips that she gives. There's a video too which I also loved. You can see them all here.
Thanks for stopping by today my arty friends xxx 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAY for Twinkies!! I love love love your journal page!! Fabulous colors!!!!!

Lynnda said...

I love your journal pages! Especially the background!.... Awesome Lisa...

P/S: I'm always feeling arty at the wrong moment!....sigh!