Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Louis makes us laugh so much.
He is such hard work still at almost 12yrs, but does make me laugh so much.

I loved the Teresa Collins packaging from some embellishments that came in my December Cocoa Daisy kit. It has 'Family Stories' at the top. So I covered up the 'Teresa Collins' bit on the left and used it on my page to tell a 'Louis Story'.

We were looking for a small dolphin gift to take home for our friend Stephen whilst we were in SeaWorld. It needed to be small inorder to take it home on the plane.
So Louis picked this one : )
  I used the 'NOTES' stamp which you can see here. I can see me using this stamp a lot.
Handy for all kinds of projects.

I used lots of pieces from the 'Family Time' addon here to make this page. The Teresa Collins sticker sheet is FAB!!! And I love the Lilybee badges.

If you would like to see the other projects the rest of the design team have made, you can do so here.
A couple more Louis stories.
We've been watching 'Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' with the kids this year (recording it to watch the day after). I was making Yorkshires with Louis on Sunday after we'd seen the one where Mo didn't like her dinner as there was too much oil.
So I show Louis that you have to put oil in the pan to make the Yorkshires and get it nice and hot before you add the batter. He piped up so genuinely 'But Mo doesn't like oil!!'. 
**rolls eyes**
And my latest favourite Louis moment, last night.
I was in the kitchen with Hollie last night, she was working on her Christmas Cake decorations and I made snowmen cupcakes.
Later when I was on my own Louis came over to me. He must have heard us talking girlie stuff.
He put his hand carefully on my back and said so lovingly ''Mummy you are doing so well''.
So I asked why. ''Because you have your period and haven't even been angry yet''.
What can you say to that coming from an 11yr old boy????
He makes me laugh.
I hope that I'm prepping him to be good husband material at least : )
      Oh and here are the quick snowmen cupcakes I made last night.
Just a quick lemon sponge with a cream cheese frosting. I added some marshmallow fluff to the frosting. and split a big marshmallow for the snowmen and dusted with icing sugar.
Not so great for lunch boxes : )
Well have a lovely day.
I hope you are feeling the Christmas spirit a little already too.


yyam said...

Awwww...your boy sure is entertaining! :)
Love all the little bits and pieces on your layout! Great use of the packaging!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!! I love it!!! And love love love your lo! LOVING the colors, the paint and the negative arrows!!!