Monday, 2 December 2013

Ovada Art Exhibition

Yesterday we took a trip to Oxford.
My brother had some art being exhibited.
We met my Mum, her hubby and my Nan there too.
We arrived. The exhibition was tucked away in Oxford city centre in old old warehouse.
It was so cool.
The buildings were stunning.

So, my brother along with some of his Uni friends were exhibiting here.
The building inside was a piece of art in itself.
Ryan here had made his own medium. It started off being the same weight as himself in this white studio. He spent the whole weekend working and experimenting with the self made medium.
I loved Nancy's piece.
All these pieces of art are little maps of her day to day trips. Each one has been date stamped from when she took the trip.
Then upstairs on a little mezzanine level was my brother art.
It started on a piece of glass details on the Aids PEP treatment. How it works. 
This was his piece.
(the day was National AIDS Awareness Day)
There was an ipad with a short video along side it.
The video was of a naked person. My brother Gareth had painted the HIV virus spreading throughout the body. He then used the wet wipes (used in the art piece) to wipe away the paint, representing the P.E.P anti HIV medication and the virus being wiped away.
He's sculpted his own hands and made little red Aids Awareness ribbons for each person to take away.
I was really impressed and feel so proud of him. A lot of thought has gone in to this.
Here we are with my brother. Hollie, me, Gareth, our Nan, our Mum and little Louis.
As you can see, Gareth is the only one to get any height in our family.  (I'm 4ft10 (146cm) I have hopes for Louis still : )  
We then went off for lunch in Oxford.
We had such a great day.


Lisa said...

Lisa, I am very moved by your brother's art installation. Wow. Ryan's piece representing the body wasting away had me so sad, and Gareth's was quite uplifting, unique and also so very visual. How poignant that his was displayed on the second floor. Thank you so much for sharing!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous photos ... gorgeous art!! WOW!!!!!