Monday, 20 March 2017

It's been a while.......

Wow!! I can't believe it's getting on for almost 2 years since I last blogged here.

Life has really changed for us in that time. For the good though I will quickly add!!

I've just been updating the 'About Me' page and added my newest business venture which I started in May 2015. Lollipop Box Club. Which I guess is why I've stopped blogging here. I have a blog on my business website here.   But I've decided I would really like my personal blog back again. So here I am today!

So changes.....I guess it's mostly Lollipop Box Club. I thought life was busy before. Working for myself, 2 kids etc... But this business has really taken over the wedding business now and work days are longer and I'm working 7 days and evenings most weeks. But I really love it!! I just wish I had more creative time. I miss that!!

I'm still working for and designing for Cocoa Daisy which I love. I love those monthly kits!! I often find myself when I am scrapbooking working on my monthly tasts for Cocoa Daisy really needing that creative time. Although I still class it as 'work', for me it also feels like an escape from work too. My Cocoa Daisy creative time has become very important to me. I've often felt during my really busy times this past couple if years, that if it hadn't been for me having these deadlines and commitments I might not have continued scrapbooking due to lack of time. So I'm very grateful for this.

Talking of design teams, I was so excited to be asked to join the Simple Stories 2017 Creative Team. What an honour!! A company I have loved for years and years. I am beyond excited!!
I started up a YouTube channel a few months ago and I have a new video up today with me celebrating my Simple Stories news with a Simple Stories project which you can see here.

On a less creative note, we are still loving our Disney trips. Our last one was October 2014. So long ago!! We'd hoped for a 2016, but all the family wanted to join us, so we planned a Summer 2017. We then did a US Roadtrip last Easter. Just the 4 of us. New York - DC - Through Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and spending a week with my Dad in Indiana. It was amazing. We loved it so much we are now planning another roadtrip for next year. 
The family now can't make this years Disney trip, so it's the 4 of us again and we are going in August. We are so excited!!!
I continue to document our trips. There is a link to my trip reports on the rightside of the blog if you fancy a read.

So that's us!!  

I'm happy to be back here again. I think it's time to be blogging once again.
Please leave a comment and say 'Hi' whether you know me from before or are new to my blog. I'd love to hear from you,

Thank you. See you soon. Lisa xxx       



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So happy to see you back on here ... and YAY for Simple Stories!! So EXCITED for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacqui Drinkwater said...

Hi, just stalking, (in a good way - I hope), all your social media!!! Xx