Thursday, 4 January 2018

A Girl's Shopping Road Trip to Boston

oooohhhhh look at me!! 3 days blogging in a row!!!

I took a girls trip to the US in November. We had such a great time!!
Our friend Debi moved to New Boston in New Hampshire last year from the UK and she's living the dream!!
Myself, Lisa and Cheryl went out to visit her.
There was shopping, there were cocktails, a little more shopping, lots of food, more shopping, some sightseeing and even more shopping.    

Can you see why now that I named this trip a 'Girl's Shopping Roadtrip'?

I did video the whole trip...the shopping of course, the eating, the giggles and the sight seeing.
You can see our adventures here on my YouTube channel
I lost my voice part way through the trip though. I always seem to get sick when I take a break from work!!
Anyway, I've just posted the final video of the trip, so if you fancy grabbing a cuppa, you can sit back and watch. Just click the link above.

I hope you enjoy xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

HOW fun!!!!!! Off to see!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

I watched it, loved it! I've enjoyed all of your videos, especially the vlogmas ones! I'm going back to my blog today too, at least that's the plan.....