Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More Scarletlime Snowy LO's

Another day covered with snow. Our roads are like white ice rinks out there today, but the kids are back at school now.
Here are some more of my Scarletlime LO's of my snow pics.

Hollie about to hit Louis with a snowball

There's a special little hidden note for Louis in the little envelope.
That's it for now : )


Sam said...

Aw Lis, great LOs and photos. Like the bright colours on the last one. :) xx

Beautifullily said...

Just lovely. You are a clever lady!

Nickynoo said...

More fab LO's Lis, what a lovely record you'll have of your snowy days! Love the footprints pic :D

Clairewill said...

3 more completely fab SL LOs :)

Audrey said...

You've done a great job using the SL kits! Luv them and can't believe how much you churn out. Is that a stamp in the first LO, the circle journal piece?

Hazel said...

Fabaroo pictures and LOs - I love all of them, but particularly the footprints. x