Monday, 2 February 2009

Oh boy has it snowed !!!!

We have so much snow today.
Hollie's school is closed, so we battled our way with Louis to Infants in this\\//

We couldn't see where the path ended and the road started. It was coming down so much it was landing on Louis's long eye lashes. We got to school over half an hour later to find out only the kids on the same estate as the school had gone in....why did we bother ???!!! And I've got to leave at 12.30 to go and collect him again as they as closing early.

Anyway, Hollie and I had fun on the way home.
Hollie made snow angels.....

and rolled around in it : )
Back out in it again soon. xx


Nickynoo said...

Wow, you've got loads! I'm envious, I love loads of snow, we've only got a sprinkling here.

Beautifullily said...

You definitely had more snow than us. The girls were both in school/nursery til 3.30pm so not much playing here!

esther said...

you are so very quick off the mark with your snow layouts! well done! Some great attributes to the lovely snow!