Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Another Color Combo

From me today. I really enjoy the colorcombo challenges. I love looking at the colours of the week and then picking out PP and bellies to go with them.

I found these 3 photos under my diary on my desk last week. They are from last summer. I'd printed off aload of mini pics for the kids when my niece and nephew were visting in the holidays for them to make their own mini books and I must've missed these. So decided to use them all in the one LO.

Not so sure of the orange ribbon afterall, might remove it.

Feeling really tired today. I feel like watching Come Dine with Me. I think I'm addicted to it. xx


Emma said...

that site might suit me, I do seem to use the same colours over and over, I will take a lool! cool lo and those are 2 of my fav colours (that I use over and over lol)

EWhyley said...

Hee hee you made me laugh .. I am totally addicted to come dine with me too ... great thing about having TV on demand i can watch all the episodes at once!! Great minds! x

Sue said...

lol love the photos

You are so VERY clever Lis xxx


Laura said...

That is one gorgeous layout! I really like the ribbon. I will also check out the site you recommend.

I LOVE Come Dine With Me so much. Si is addicted too!

Nickynoo said...

Lis, you do that slightly 'messy' look SO well, and make it look cool - I would just make a mess, LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo beautiful!!! I love your color combo!!