Saturday, 12 September 2009

Oh for the Love of Paint

Anyone who knows me well, knows what a paint addict I am. Nothing makes me happier that being covered in paint : )
So naturally when I got asked to do a tutorial on something over at The Studio it was going to be on paint.

I made these LO's in the summer holidays. This first one was our trip to Richmond Park.
We were so lucky considering all the rain we had that the week Ade took off work it was really sunny.

This next one is an older photo from a Farm trip. I get really mixed feelings about this place. I've been there quite a few times including a trip with the preschool group, but the first ever outing that Ade came with myself and the kids when we first started seeing each other was here. I also had my niece with me. So a 3yr old, 4yr old and 5yr old. There was a large bang when we were having lunch and suddenly there was fire in the field next to us. It was so scary. The combine in the next field had struck a cable. This is the first time I've been close to fire it was just shocking how it spread and the sound of it too. It was complete caos, people & kids everywhere. The fire engine couldn't get through. Thankfully everything ended well. But no one from the farm was there to assist.
So when we went back the following year the kids were a little nervous. But we went with friends and had a lovely time.

If you want to see the tutorial (with step by step pics) take a peek here.

The Studio

TFL xxx


~~Audrey~~ said...

You are really the paint queen! Brilliant LOs using paints!

Claire Williams said...

These are completely awesome! I love what you do with paint :)

Sue said...

fantastic LO'S Lis love how you use paint you are so clever

bit of a scary story though