Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Studio Challenge #3

I can't believe it's already 1st September, what happened to the summer????
Did I blink and miss it?

Anyway 1st of the month means a new challenge is launched over at The Studio. I am seriously loving the challenges at this place. We have one hot Guest Designer this month too.
CĂ©line Navarro
I just love the art this lady creates.

The challenge this time is :

1. Focus your layout on something from your daily routine.
This can be a whole day, or just one item you use or someone you see every day.
2. You can journal as much or as little as you like,
but you should answer the following questions within it:
“who or what?”; “when?”; “where?”; and “why?”.
3. You can use no “bought” patterned paper –
you must make your own patterned paper!
Paint it, stamp it, or do something else creative!

I have had so much fun with this one.
I've torn strips from the daily newspaper and stuck onto a base piece of cardstock and then painted gesso over top. Once dried I've painted over with coffee. Once that has dried I've added coffee mug rings. Anyone who knows me, knows what a latte junkie I am. It's the first thing I think of when I wake up every morning. So the whole thing pieces together.

Now for a little bit about our camping escapades. This was our first ever camping trip. We went down to Charmouth again near Lyme Regis where we had a fab Easter, blue skies, warm weather and that's exactly what greated us this time too. We felt so lucky with all the bad weather we've had recently.
Then that first evening the wind picked up and it rained and rained.
It continued to rain the next day but we ventured out when it cleared a little.

It carried on raining on and off and then cleared on our last day. We finally got the kids on the beach and despite the winds, they had great fun.

Then once we decided to pack up the sun came back out again and it was a lovely sunny evening : )


Nickynoo said...

Your tent looks mahoosive!! Fab, glad you had fun. And your Studio LO is gorgeous, love the fect that you used real coffee! xx

Sue said...

Lis that LO is AMAZING

camping looks fun

Emma said...

beautiful lo lisa, love the idea of the coffee rings, very creative!

Nina said...

Thats the fun of camping!
Your layout is lush BTW. I am going to have a go this weekend. x