Friday, 13 November 2009

The Fun has Begun

The Cyber crop kicked off at 7pm as planned (3.5hrs ago).
The first challenge was to go vintage. I'd tried to be so organised for this crop by printing off loads of different photos. Different ages, sizes, colours and the first thing I need to do is print off a photo : ) Decided to go truely vintage back to 1949 infact. My grandparents wedding.

And at 9pm the next challenge was launched...scallops and lots of them.

So far so good : )
I wish the same could be said for the weather. It's blowing a right gale out there and really bucketing it down. The forecast isn't much better for tomorrow either and we will be here
Paultons Park. Oh why oh why??? I don't want to go in the pouring rain and I don't want to visit santa and eat mince pies in November either : (

1 comment:

Emma said...

gorgeous lo's Lisa, you've done that vintage one so well! The rain last night here was unbeliveable, your park is going to be very soggy.