Thursday, 5 November 2009

My latest Mini Book

First off, I'll start my blogging off with my happy news. We got tickets yesterday to Green Days Wembley gig next June. Yay!!! So excited already : )

I wanted to show my latest mini book make today.
I got sent the Road Map papers, stickers and little cards from Papermaze. Whenever I see the October Afternoon collections I instantly tune into a project rather than just a LO. It's almost a sin to split everything up as it all fits in so nicely together and to me they always scream out minibook.

I love where we live. I never fully appreciated it until just last year really when we got a little dog, so it's taken me 10 years to properly explore the area on foot. Our walks our now a regular family thing and we are lucky enough to have so many beautiful areas all surrounding us that are reached by foot.

So that's what I decided to make this book about. These are just a few pages.

For more details on how this was made, visit the papermaze blog.
All materials can be bought here.

It's a rainy day here again. I'm so bloody short that the back of my jeans get drenched whilst on the school run, so I end up stripping off when I get back home, hanging my jeans on the radiator to dry and putting a clean pair on whilst inside.

Think I will get a bunch of work out of the way today so maybe I can scrap gulit free later on : )
Have a good day xx


Emma said...

That happens to me all the time too Lisa, I just look on it as an excuse to spend the rest of the day in my pj bottoms!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

saw your minibook on the Papermaze blog, it's fab and yep I agree it's a shame to split the OA collections up!!! Was that the one you were making at the retreat?

CLARE said...

I love this mini book Lisa, what a good idea to place the journalling cards half in and half out.

Laura said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Love the book and how you've photographed it as well.