Friday, 16 July 2010

An Epic Post and Giveaway

Do you have a word that really grates on you?
A word that you truely cringe at when you hear it?

We do in this house, that word is 'EPIC'. It's driving us crazy. Everything Hollie says and does right now is 'EPIC'. It means really really good for those of us who aren't quite 'down with the kids' : )

So, this weeks Twisted Sketches LO, is in honour of the latest 'in' word Epic.
Here's the latest sketch.

And my Epic LO : )

The twist this week is Texture, here you can see the textures I used.
I pulled out some old Scenic Route that has been collecting dust for ages. I thought it went really well with the photo. I love those large chipboard alphas. They came with my Cocoa Daisy kit last month.

So when Ade and I saw this 'Epic' cd advertised on TV this week, we had to buy it.
Hollie found it very funny and it's a really good cd too.

I've never done a giveaway before, so have decided today to do one.
Please leave a comment telling me which word really really drives you mad and please become a follower of my little blog and mention it on your own blog too with a link up to here. I'll randomly pick a winner on Monday then. I'll happily post this prize off any where in the world : )

Today I really must get started on Hollie's end of Junior School mini book.
I really can not put it off any longer.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by xxx


Kirsty said...

It's not so much a word but a phrase - 'I can't do it!'. I'm a teacher and kids say this all the time and everytime I point out to them that they can do and voila, they do it!!

Linda64 said...

Beautiful LO. I have to think about that word and candy, and come back to you. Love you blog, so of course I will be a follower. ( I have a candy in my new blog as well - )

KarenB said...

Hi Lisa, I happened across a link to your blog from Debbie's blog and I'm happy to become a new follower. Love that 'Epic' LO :) In our house the cringe word is 'awesome'... it grates on me a lot (probably just from overuse) but what's worse is that I use it myself now, a LOT. From habit, probably. Aaargh. Thanks for the chance to join in your 'awesome' giveaway, I'm off to link you up on my sidebar at

Diana Fisher said...

Great page, and I really like that sketch, I may have to try it! Epic is too funny. Nate was saying Actually for awhile. That was funny. :)

Fabi Ormerod said...

Hey great giveaway. I think the word that gets to my nerves in Brazil would be more a phrase actually: when Pedro says "I dont want it". And this can be a bath, lunch, drives me nuts lol. I loved your last layouts and i just finished mine to sketches thrusday! XX

Anne said...

I can't think of a word I don't like at the moment but I can think of many that make me laugh !! It is the flower show tomorrow at Dogmersfield, the horticultural show ! Now, Amelie and Harry have both entered a craft competition but they can't say the word Horticultural so this week I have had " Hortiportugal, Hortureporture call, horturculturcal show!!" Still can't say it, and it is tomorrow!

See you later

Sue said...

EPIC LO Lis love it - I love how all your LO's have such fab stories - your kids will love it when they get older

for me its most things that David says at the mo!!!!!

Amanda Jones said...

The CD cover made me lol. Your word reminds me of my word - FAIL. They're often coupled together, when I hear them lol. Oh, man, epic faiiiiil. Grrr! There's even a failblog where you can go to get your fill of others' misfortune. I have one word for them - yep, you guessed it!

I love the colours on your LO, and the cute piece of string :) And that's a really lovely pic of Hollie xx

ScrapAddict'sAttic said...

pretty much whatever word one son is calling the other drives me insane! lol 12yo & 9yo who love to hate each other can be pretty creative with the name calling and drive me bonkers ;-)

ScrapAddictsAttic at gmail dot com

gwen said...

Heatwave (weatherwise!). One word we hear everyday over here. And the other words related to it like "Hitzefrei" something like shortened school day because of the heat. If I happen to win, you know you would not have to send me the nice giveaway! Have a nice summer and take care

Cheryl Nelson said...

LOVE this fabulous lo!!!

Denise said...

Gorgeous Epic layout, lol! I am a new follower. I really enjoy your sense of humor on it :) I also posted the candy on my blog. Let's see, word I hate would probably be But. "But moooommmmm" drives me up the wall when my son says it which is like 20 something times a day.

Wendy Crowe said...

I had to show this post to my daughter...she adds "epic" to everything! The only way to get back at her is to use it myself. For some reason, when Mom uses it, it's not soo
Thanks for the "epic" giveaway! The link is posted on my blog.

Debbie said...

Love you layout and especially how "EPIC" stands out! The one word in my household that I can't stand and I cringe every time I hear it is when I ask my kids a questions and instead of a yes, no or maybe I hear WHATEVER. Drives me crazy. I am already a follower and I will post your give away on my blog!

Shraddha said...

Hi !Lovely candy!Thanks for a chance to win :-) and I have put it on my sidebar .I dislike the overuse of the words 'rocking' and 'awesome'..
They have replaced a lot of beautiful words from our dictionary..

Kim Sonksen said...

Hey girlie!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I couldn't remember the link to your blog so I am glad that you found me again!

LOVE that page and how you created the title. wicked!

added your blog to my google reader now, so am not loosing you again :)


Kelly Massman said...

Here's my link!

Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway!

My word: unmentionable for the public but it starts with an F has two letters in the middle _ _ and ends with a K!

Vicki said...

My word is hey. It drives me crazy when a co-worker uses it before everyone's name.


Hi, I am a new follower, have posted your candy on my sidebar:

the Word I hate the most is
"Tranquillia" when I met my hubby he was living in Majorca, I was quite highly strung and whenever I got uptight he would say "Tranquillia" (calm!) GOD! I could kill him LOl!

Leigh x

gea said...

hi Lisa, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog too, and will be a follower now.The word that drives me crazy is in Dutch :dusss (means "so") My kids use it so often....grrrr.
I like to have a chance on the candy and I link you up on my sitebar

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Lisa,

How nice to meet you and discover your delightful blog! Thanks for the chance to win your candy - I am now a follower and I've added your candy to my sidebar at Create With Joy!

Please stop by for a visit when you have a moment - I'd be delighted to count you among my followers as well!


yyam said...

Love your EPIC layout Lisa! I really like those chipboard alphas!

The word that drives me crazy is the word "lah". It's local slang that's just added to the end of every sentence. It serves no purpose...except to blend in with the I do miss proper spoken English.

Patries said...
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Patries said...

Hi Lisa, first txs for the nice comment on my blog 'bout one of my Lo's!
My #%@* word is 'paradigm' (paradigma in Dutch). I use it al the time but can't grab the exact meaning.
You're link is on my blog I don't like the concept of 'followers' (or being followed) so that part of the giveaway is not for me.
Love your work, and I wil be hopping over here many times!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Id have to say the term "whatever". Grates my nerves for sure! My Mom said it was something that grated her nerves as well. hehee.
Im happy I found your blog, you create beautiful work. Will follow you as well. Rock on!

Sharyn said...

It's like well like you know like I just can't stand to like that word "like". I have a teen too..LOL
Gorgeous layout you have done there - think I need to "like" make one?

Sharyn said...

Ok hon, I hooked you up on my blog and I am following you too. You can find me Sharyn@

Barbara said...

The word I simply despise is "awesome". It is so overused, and often to describe something that I might consider "mediocre" at best. What has happened to our language? It seems as though nearly every word that is a plural has an apostrophe that doesn't belong there, and the knowledge to write a complete sentence seems to escape many.

Kraftychick said...

Great LO - and thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy - hope I'm not too late to enter! Just found your blog and it is GREAT!!!

Skrapbuker said...

... Epic is definitely a word that irks me. Folks I know add it to everything! "That was EPIC!" "Epic Fail!" "Epic Goodness" ... etc etc. The word is almost losing it's meaning to me. Not everything is epic and hopefully they'll realize that but I bet they will just find a new word to attach to the end of everything.

That aside, the layout is gorgeous, even if it has the word epic in it ... it didn't make me cringe! LoL

Thanks for a chance to win. I'll be posting this giveaway on my blog (work in progress)


Caro said...

Today I've heard the phrase "To Infinity and Beyond" about 45 times, or maybe moment (DD's going through a Toy Story phase), so this would be the phrase of the moment at home, and I could do without it!