Thursday, 29 September 2011

Farmers Market #1 (Abit Cheeky!!)

Good Morning.
And it really is. Bright and sunny. I can't believe the tempuratures we are having in the UK now.
I want to camp this weekend, but Ade has a cold : (
Such a woss!!

Last night was the reveal of the October Kit 'Farmers Market' at Cocoa Daisy.
I love the reveal nights, they are really fun.
This kit is yum. I wish I had gotten more add ons now, I was trying to be sensible.
But I can now share my DT gallery with you.
I have 2 today.
This ones abit cheeky mind.
I did wonder if I should scrap it or not but it's funny so I though what the heck!!
It's real life.

Give a Man a Camera
and this is what you get!

We went to legoland for the day and had a camera each.
When I checked his photos when we got home I spotted this!! Taken without me knowing whilst we were sat watching the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' puppet show. Totally unappropriate. **ROLLS EYES**

I painted over the Jillibean woodgrain alphas from the main kit. And also drew around them very roughly for the top half of the title.
It was the pp from Crate that gave me inspiration for this LO though. A whole 12x12 paper full of these words. Tut Tut!!!

Next up, I love the pics of Louis and my nephew Charlie.
We had a family outing out to Oxford in August.
Mum had treated the boys to a book each. They started reading straight away : )
We were waiting for the Park and Ride bus in the town centre and they were both fully engrossed. Quite unusual to see 2 9yr old boys like this. But I like it!

We have a Cocoa Daisy honeycomb stamp in the main kit. Great for backgrounds. I stamped it with the green Maya Road stamp (also in the main kit) and pressed it into wet moulding paste.
You get the colours and the texture by doing this.

More bits and pieces from the main kit.
Stickers, Maya Road wooden buttons, Kraft tags.
The kit goes on sale on the 1st October if you don't sub.
Take a look here.
The addons are stunning and the last few months have been selling out super fast.
I know Christine has increased the amount to sell recently, but get in there quick.
I bought Canned Peaches. But now really regret not getting Pumkin Soup and Apple Pie.
The Cocoa Daisy stamps are also dead cute this month.

One last bit of news before I finish here.
As I said goodbye at Cocoa Daisy last night. It was after midnight but before shutting the PC down I had a little blog nosey.
I clicked on MME and saw that I was picked as this months challenge winner.
I was so excited, but then couldn't sleep.
I just adore MME, so I'm really REALLY excited.
This LO really meant alot too.
I took the pic of Hollie and I at the start of the summer.
We were having some tricky times with her. Attitude and acting really out of charachter.
To the extreme that we ended up cancelling her birthday party and main prezzie (ipod touch).
Throughout the summer though she's really come full circle and I have my sweet girl back.
I know there will be more trouble ahead, but right now alls good and it has been the last couple of months. I think she can now have that ipod touch. I wanted to see the attitude remain good throughout the summer and whilst she was back at school. I didn't want her being nice for a week, getting the ipod touch and becoming a cow again.
I always stick to my word!!

I am very excited about lunch today.
Ades been doing lots of overtime at work and coming home late.
They have a Starbucks next door, so him and his collegue who's been working with him go in there on their way home to get goodies for the kids.
Last night they got given loadsa stuff for free as it was going to be thrown away.
We have muffins, cookies and Ade bought me home a tomato and mozzerella salad. Yum!! I can't wait for lunch now. I'm not into the sweet stuff, so this is perfect for me.
Roll on lunch time : )

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine UK girlies xxx


Sue said...

lovely LO's has really made me laugh - I love Ades sneaky picture lol

Gorgeous kit I really MUST re join

Linda said...

hihi, I love the giv a man a cam... got a good laugh :)

Kim said...

hehehe what is it with men and boobs!!! LOL lovin the techniques you always share about your projects!! fun and fab as always!

yyam said...

These are amazing as always Lisa! You have amazing style! And congrats on your win at MME! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL LOL LOL!! That first one CRACKS me up!!! Tooooooooooooo funny!! And loving the next two also!! You always amaze me!! Good for you for sticking to your word... I had to cancel Halloween on Adam once and I got so much crap from peeps for that :( HUGE CONGRATS on MME!! That is AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Steph said...

Fab lo's! So glad you did the first one!

Audrey Yeager said...

OH my god I'm so slow...I didn't get the "food words" at first....DUH!!! That page is so hysterical!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do....your misting and painting are always so amazing....

Diana Fisher said...

Love what you made for this post! And of course I too laughed when I saw the title on that first page. Love it!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

That's so funny, and I love all the fruit references!

I wan to camp this weekend too, but lily's got a party Saturday afternoon.

Hannah said...

Great title for that first LO, brilliant :) Love the techniques and colours you've used, always grateful for your quick run down on the LO's you give us :) That looks like a fab kit, don't think I can stretch my budget for that though after ally pally :) Hope you enjoyed your lunch :)

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Fun LO's. Love the stamping into texture paste idea!! I'm going to have to try that one! ~ Blessings

Lesli said...

Awesome LO's - I love all the textures. Thanks for sharing the stories as well :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

LOL..... What can you say about a MAN eh!!!....Cliche!!!... Lovely and fabulous layouts Lisa... I love all of them...and CONGRATS on your win at MME... you deserved it... hugs...xoxo

Lea said...

LOL in regard to that first layout, too funny!!! But I agree, it should be scrapbooked, oh and I laughed all over when I saw the little words you used on the page. The layout of the boys reading is really cute, love the torn edges and that honey comb stamp. The layout you and Hollie is really sweet, I love the title!!!

Louise said...

Your first layout made me laugh, a great title and i'm so glad i'm not the only one that finds my boobs the subject of a photo taken by my dh!!

You have created some amazing layouts and congrats on your win xx