Tuesday, 27 September 2011

October Sneaks

Hello : )

Tomorrow is the Cocoa Daisy reveal.
You get to find out what's coming in your October Kit 'Farmers Market.
For now, I have some sneaks of what I've made this month.

You will love this kit **wink wink**

We start the reveal party at 9pm UK time (10pm EST - Cocoa Daisy time)
There will be games and freebie giveaways.
You don't have to be a CD receiver to play along.
Come and join in here tomorrow.

So today, it's just after 9am.
I'm sat here with a latte and a red velvet cupcake.
I have no fuel in the car. It's been on empty a couple of days now and now I fear to drive it incase it runs out. (it's happened before)
This is one of those things I hate, filling the car up. I hate, absolutely HATE going to the petrol station. I get so nervous. So then I go into denial when the petrol gage starts to run low and just hope that Ade sees and fills it up.
I hope he's home early today otherwise it looks like we are walking to footy tonight too : (
A curry is on ready for dinner tonight and I need to plan a class today that I'll be teaching at Arty Crafty in Goldalming, Surrey in November.

Have a great day xxx


yyam said...

These sneaks look so good! :)

Go fill up your tank...!!

Anne said...

The new kit looks great. I hate going to the petrol station too but only because I hate spending money on my car !!What day in November is the class ? Might be your first student !

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the sneaks!! And luckily, I don't have to fill the tank... I don't drive... so that's Brian's job! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)

NickyNoo said...

Can't wait for the full reveal, I love your sneaks! Nice melons ;o). You did make me laugh about the petrol xxx

Hannah said...

Great sneaks Lisa, looking forward to seeing the whole projects. 'Farmers Market', that sounds like a cool kit :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

The sneaks look pretty... will come back again tomorrow Lisa... hugs..xoxo