Friday, 13 July 2012

Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home
This is my next class in Swindon. Sunday 22nd July,
Isn't it cute??
It's a little wooden printer tray that comes with a stand.
We will be using Prima - Doodle Deux paper as well as some lovely mixed media materials.
It's a messy class again : )

And have you spotted that old vintage key??!!
I love all things like that.

Take a look at my website here for more details if you'd like to come along to the class.



Tina said...

gorgeous as usual, im there on the saturday so not sure I can make the sunday as well.:(

Hanna-Marie said...

hihi we have exactly those kind of keys to a couple of our houses, the guesthouse and the playhouse :-) might have to take the spare key to use in som scrap-projects :-D

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! This is GORGEOUS lisa!! I love love love love the colors!!!!

Kim said...


Lea said...

Very cool! Love the colors and what a great shaped tray!!!

Lynnda said...

ITs beautiful!!! Hugs..xoxo