Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sweet and Sour

The sun is shining..yay...yay..yay!!

All this rain lately is bringing our big fat slugs, snails, frogs and toads around here.
It's like dodge the squashed slime going down the school alleyway.
I got attacked by a dead slug last week.
Thankfully Ade was with me as I would have barfed if I had to deal with it on my own.
Some how coming out of the alley, my flip flop must have flicked up a big squashed dead slug and it landed accross my foot. It was so gross! That it was, I was gagging and had to stick my leg out in one direction and my head as far away as possible in the other.
It didn't want to come off though. Ade was trying to scrape it off with a doggy poo bag (he really wasn't impressed) and it still left thick yellow slime on my foot : (

Anyway, on to something nicer.
My cheeky boy.

I host the 'Just for Fun' challenge over at Cocoa Daisy each month.
We use our new kits along with the leftovers from the last months kit.
This month I thought it would be fun to add some good honest hand journaling to our pages. It's always so easy to concentrate on the good and happy stories. I do like to remember the real stories too though. And Louis has become very cheeky lately. GGGRRRR

Anna and Denise have also joined me in this challenge.
Take a look and find out how to play along here.

Before I get back to work, I just wanted to share mine and Hollie's latest baking creations.

We baked these on Sunday.
Cookie Dough Cup Cakes.
A vanilla sponge with a choccie chip cookie dough centre. Finished with a vanilla and choc chip frosting and a choc chip cookie.
Too sweet for me. Felt so sick after eating one.

And yesterday we finished these.

Inspired by the marshmellow rice krispie treats from the Main Street Bakery at Disneys Magic Kingdom.
You get loads of them at Disney.
That reminds me. I have this photo here : )

We headed to Disney one morning and it was raining. It felt like we were the only ones in Magic Kingdom, but we decided enough was enough after a couple of hours. Headed to the bakery on the way out for these treats and just as we got in the car it absolutely poured down. So we sat in the car, watched the ridiculously heavy downpour and ate our goodies : )

On that happy note, I shall wish you a magical day xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your lo!!! Loving that red wood grain!!! And your treats look YUMMY!!! I would have freaked over the slug too!! YUCK!!!!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

I have seen two of the fattest slugs ever today, where are they coming from??!!!

Just had a little trip down memory lane thanks to your Disney pics! :)

Sue said...

far TMI on the slug front!!!

Love that Louis is getting cheekier - welcome to my world!!!

Mel said...

Great layout with ltos of vintage layering! Cute story about Disney too!

Lynnda said...

Love the background PP... just stands out!!! Wonderful and cute layout of you cheeky boy!!! Your treats looks YUM!!! hugs...xoxo

Lea said...

Oh no, I would not have reacted well to the slug! Great layout, love the look of all the journaling and what a cool photo. That cupcake looks yummy!

Caitlin Snyder said...

I LOVE the scrapbook page! You are very creative. I always have a hard time layering things, and you've done an awesome job!


Kim said...

very cool Lisa, I do love that washi tape you have used!