Monday, 1 December 2014

A Day with Monterey Bay

The new Cocoa Daisy Kit is now up for sale.
You can view it here.
A few of the addons have sold out already but there are still some main kits and other bits for sale.

I documented a favourite day of our holiday using this kit.

It was quite an unplanned day.
Don't you find that these are often the best?!
We thought we'd head to Downtown Disney for a while.
We ended up spending the whole day.

Popping in and out of the stores, lunch at The Earl of Sandwich.

This was the best sandwich that we'd all ever eaten. All hot sandwiches.
I had the holiday sandwich. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry and gravy. It was so good.
We then stopped for ice cream sundaes at Ghiradellis.
Some water was spilt and this happened : )
Someone took some selfies.
The d├ęcor of some of the stores is just so fun.
Stitch spits water down on the walk way : )
We then finished in Disney Quest.
We spent much longer in here than we expected and had so much fun. 4 floors of games.
 The funniest bit was Cyber Space Mountain.
You get to design your own rollercoaster and then ride it. Two of you ride whilst the other two watch from outside on a screen. It actually goes upside down. It was so funny,
That's it from me today.
I'm full of cold and have lost my voice. Feeling a little sorry for myself : (
Happy Monday to you xxx

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yyam said...

Love the fun casual vibe of your layout! It must have been a fun day!

P/s: Get well soon!