Monday, 15 December 2014

Release and Let Go

The word this month over on the 'One Little Word' challenge blog, set by Jessica is :


This is something that Louis really struggles with.
Releasing and letting go.
He gets very attached to items, routines, schedules, traditions.

Take his Disney balloon as an example.
This is the story for my word this month and my LO.

We bought it early in the trip with the idea of releasing it on the last day. He's had it next to his bed and grown attached to it. So on the last day was upset about letting it go. We finally talked him around and we all stood and watched as he let it go and it floated up and up and up. Past the roof. Then it slowly came down and down and down, back in to his hands. You should have seen his face. What were we supposed to do???
We burst it and packed it and bought it home.
He's a lucky bunny!!
There are some amazing pieces of inspiration over on the OLW challenge blog here this month.
We'd love you to play along with us too.
 All you've got to do is scrap or make something using the word 'release'.
Have fun : )
ps.... I have another story similar to this but with a big green swim noodle.
I shall save that for another LO.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh that is ONE AWESOME STORY!! It was destiny! I loveeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!

Jessica Sporn said...

What an awesome story. He was MEANT to have that balloon! Love your layout - it really captures that moment!

Kim said...

This is so fun , I love those photos too !

yyam said...

Beautiful layout! LOVE the story behind it!

Ashley Calder said...

Great page Lisa... but seriously great story! Love it!

Michelle G said...

Lovely bright story filled page. Love it.