Monday, 23 March 2015

Trip Planning Again

Yes, I'm at it again.

This time we are planning Orlando in August 2017 as a big family trip.
Mum and her hubby, my brother and my sister and her family.

We had our first big family meeting at the weekend to start discussing dates etc..
Me being chief planner, I put holiday planning packs together.

I made money saving pots, planning journals and added Minnie Mouse Pencil Cases fully of cute stationery, a Virgin Holidays brochure and an info pack that I put together myself.

Over on Papermaze today I have all the details of how I made these money saving pot.

And these fun planning journals.

I had so much fun making them : )
I do have more photos, but blogger just isn't playing fair today and I'm giving up trying now.
They are on the Papermaze blog though if you click the link above.

Please go and take a peek.
Thanks xx 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are amazing!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee this idea!!! Pinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francy said...

Wow how many lovely and stunning creations you made.