Saturday, 31 May 2008

In A Strop !!!!!

I love this photo, it's just so typical of Louis. I tend to always scrap the perfect family photos, everyone smiling, but Louis is such a stroppy pants at times, about time the real him was scrapped !!! : )

We've had such a lovely day. They've played so well together and I printed off some pictures for them to colour in the garden. I gave them each a clipboard folder so they had something to hold their pictures in place and something to lean on.

Louis dropped his all over the kitchen floor which resulted in this mega girlie strop. He tore all the pages up and sulked.

Ade got a new camera yesterday and happened to be practising and caught this perfect shot of stroppy pants. The first photo to be printed off the new camera.

I adore the colours of this photo and knew instantly that the bright and colourful 'Dreamstreet' papers had to be used. Perfect match !! I lifted a couple of flowery ideas that I've seen Kathy and also Nicky Noo use, thought I'd give them a whirl. I love the way Kathy layers her flowers so high. Really do like that effect and then Nicky recently made these flowers simply by cutting circles and screwing up. I added my journaling to theses flowers too.....thanks girls xx


est26 said...

Lisa that is fabulous, love it xxx

Lythan said...

I'm loving all your work at the moment Lisa. Just so fab. I am still trying not to buy these papers but you are not helping! Mumbles is even better now btw with the addition of the world's best icecream place - Verdi's- to go with the second best one - Joe's!

Jackie said...

It's fab Lis, definitely one to bring out on his 18th ;))

Nickynoo said...

This is so funny, although I'm sure Louis wouldn't agree! Another great LO, aren't the colours fab? Love the 'Kathy 'n' Nicky' flowers!!