Sunday, 25 May 2008

Perfect bank holiday weekend so far

I am loving this bank holiday weekend. I've managed to get so much done.
I started by blizting both kids rooms yesterday morning and then we spent the afternoon at Chessington World of Adventures. We stayed mainly in the zoo area and just enjoyed the afternoon as the weather was so nice. We did finish by taking Louis on the vampire roller coaster for the first time. Last year he cried as he wasn't tall enough, but yesterday he just reached the line to be able to ride (110cm) YAY !!! He then started having doubts whilst queing. He decided to ride anyway, I sat next to him and held his little hand throughout the ride. He screamed the whole time ''mummy I don't like it, I want to get off''', at the end he said ''I'm never going on that again!!'' oh dear!! He usually loves all the big rides and loves the coasters in legoland. He said it hurt him being thrown about in his seat. We've decided to leave that ride until he's abit bigger. Poor Louis !!
Anyway, back to our weekend. Ade and myself had a eurovison night...what aload of nonsence eh?!! Ade made my fave 'cheese pudding' mmmmm scrummy!!
This morning I had latte in bed whilst reading my scrapbook magazine and then delved into my latest kits.
I was disappointed to start with that both of my kits had the some of the same papers.
but actually I quite like it. I feel like I have 1 huge kit and have been even more scissor happy than usual. Plus all the bits and pieces that come with them all coordinate nicely. I made the LO below 'louis' Hat' and this one at the top here 'Stick or twist'.

I've also managed to blizt the kids bathroon and now have a lamb roast in the oven whilst Ade is working in the ensuite upstairs. The kids are playing nicely and they have also scrapped a LO each this morning.
And I've treated us to a new dvd this week. I was telling the kids about 'The Neverending Story' on the way to school on Thursday and decided to go home and find it arrived yesterday : ) so that's planned for after dinner.

So all in all a lovely weekend : ) and we still have tomorrow to go too.....hip horray for bank holidays xx


Nickynoo said...

Another fab LO, love their concentration!

Pootle said...

another gorgeous LO Lis :)