Saturday, 16 August 2008

Our Junior Zoo Keeper

Hollie turned 9 in July this year. We decided to treat her to a Junior Zoo keeper for a day at Chessington Zoo rather than having a big birthday party.
She had her day yesterday. We were so lucky with the weather : )
We didn't stay with her all the time as she started before the park was open, but we did get to meet up with her for a couple of piccies.
This is a binatong. She was born at the beginning of the year at the zoo. The first to born in the UK for 10 years.
These are the Capybaras (huge guinea pigs) soooo cute !!!
Hollie playing chase with Stig.
And preparing food
She also got to do lots of cleaning out and also got to feed the meercats, hold a skunk, hold ferrets
and lots more.
Hollie's favorite animals are the Leopards. Mummy leopard had triplets in June. We were lucky enough to see 1 with her and mummy then picked up little cub and walked her back to the den in her mouth.....louis thought cub was being eaten.
We had a great day and Hollie loved it xx


Sassy Crafts said...

Looks like she had a fab time. x

Hazel said...

What a good idea for a birthday treat celebration. Great photos and obviously a very enjoyable day.

Kathy said...

oh what a fab birthday present! I bet she had a wonderful day - she'll remember it for ever.

Lythan said...

What a wonderful present. She looks so happy in the photos

Nickynoo said...

Wow Hollie, looks like you had an amazing time at the zoo, and you were doing a great job. Lucky you! love Nicky x