Saturday, 30 August 2008

Rustic Hearts

It's time to say goodbye to Sarah. Sarah has worked for me for the last 3 years during her university holidays. She's been so reliable and helpful, a real Godsend. She now moves in to her own flat with her boyfriend that she met at Uni today. Their first home together. I hope they will be very happy together.
I made Sarah & Olly this home warming card and bought these gorgeous teatowels as a little house warmer.
I used the fab sketch over at :
Laura from 2 sketches 4u has a birthday this happy birthday Laura : )
love lisa xx


Laura Davis said...

Lisa thanks for the b-day wishes! Your card is beautiful! Your friend will love it!

Eveline said...

What a lovely card to get when you move into your first home.

Sarah said...

Lis - that is such a beautiful card! LOVE IT!!

Nickynoo said...

What a gorgeous card, love how it matches the teatowels!