Friday, 7 November 2008

Guess What????

Ade is such a sweetie, but I do love winding him up. We went to a farm with all my sis and her family. Ben (my bruv-in-law) let me have his last cough candy sweet ...but it had already been in his when Ade (who has a paranoia about cleniness) came up to me and said he could smell cough candy sweets, I kindly gave him the one out of my mouth. He was so pleased : )
I didn't tell him til later it has originally been Ben's : ) : )

I used a variety of bits on this LO. The pp and stickers are from Cocoa Dasiy. The black dotty card and my Remember this moment journal card were packaging inside this kit that I've used. The stamps were from a studio calico kit and then brads and alphas from stash. xx
I had a lovely meal with my friends Amanda and Claire last night, although I'm feeling very tired today. Early night ahead I think : ) xx


Lythan said...

Great layout Lise - and the story is sooooo funny!

Nickynoo said...

This is fab Lis, poor Ade! :D

BondGirl said...

aww bless him.

Reminds me of a incident with my twin sister a few weeks back. There was one choclate cookie left and she wouldnt give it to me. So I wouldnt eat it she licked the bottom of it. I took it off her and said "for god sake woman we shared a womb, a bit of spit aint gonna bother me!"

Paula said...

this takes 'Share, and share a like'a little too far lol great story and LO though.

Diane.W. said...

Hahaha,that is really funny!!!!!
Ewwww,poor lad!!!
Great L/O :o)x

Kathy said...

oh you naughty woman!

great LO though, and those colours are so cooool

esther said...

how do you spell euuuuuwww! what a uniquw layout!

CraftyCarol said...

Yucky duck! Like the layout though :)