Saturday, 8 November 2008

October Scarlet Lime

I think this LO just about sums up the October kit from Scarlet Lime.
I've been playing with my camera and the settings alot more lately, really trying to improve my photographs. (that's why there are so many of this LO) I couldn't fit all the photos on the one post, so the last 2 are before this one.
This LO is all about Ade and I .....always having our cameras at the ready. We are both as bad (or as good I guess) as each other. Both always trying to capture the perfect shot. And then comparing our photos later when we get home.


Nickynoo said...

This is really lovely Lis, I love all the different ittle details! :D

Kathy said...

wow, this is truly beautiful. Unusual colours for you, too

Lythan said...

Love all the sparkles. Glorious job Lis!

Ifa said...

Definitely GOOD, in my book to both love photography.

kim_sonksen said...

Sounds totally familiar..LOL
Is that your handwriting btw? Love it.
The layout is so cool