Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sneaky Peeks and a Perfect Day

Hello Scrappy Friends,

I'm tired and have a headache today.
The first thing Ade would say is 'what have you drunk today?' and my answer would be '2 lattes'. So there's my answer eh?! I think I need some water and I guess I should eat really too.

Anyway, I'm kind of mumbling to myself now.....
Want to see a page I made recently?
Remember that perfect Sunday we had earlier this month? Well, I did a page all about it. Whilst we were on our walk, there was a motorist mirror by the woods. It's a lovely setting there. In the midst of the common land right by the woods is a row of about 7-10 houses. Each detached and very individual. I would love to live there. There's no lighting though, so it must get so dark at night and the only road to access these houses is a long windy single track stoney road which passes a big pond. It really is lovely. On the bend just before the houses is this round dirty mirror and this is where I took the photo of us.

The LO is based on this months Cocoa Daisy Sketch which you can see here.
You can join in too. The contest rund until Jan 31st, so there's still time.

Most of the bits are from the latest Cocoa Daisy kit, with a few bits and pieces thrown in like this old Making Memories clip.

I've just done a blog post for C.D. all about when you make a page, it's the 'little bits' that catch your eye. These are what I like doing best on a page I think.
Adding the staples, a few hand stitches, a flick of the ink...

You can read my blog post here if you like.

And this week I've had the pleasure of playing with the lovely new Cocoa Daisy kit.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it is yummy scrummy!!
Here's a sneaky peeky.
We launch the kit later tomorrow on the C.D message boards. There will be lots of chat and games. Come along and see. It'll be lots of fun.

Now food and paracetemol for me I think.
See you soon xxx


Annette said...

I love your lo !!!
There's nothing like a good family time together !!!

curlyqmosaics said...

I am totally in love with this layout! The picture is too cool how you were able to capture the reflected image through the mirror, very clever! Also, you are so right about the "little" details. That is truly what makes a layout a, love, love the stitching, the ink spots & all the lovely extras. TFS!