Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Everyday Stuff

It's Wednesday, it's raining and my mug is empty.
Not good.
I must go and make another latte in a sec.
How's the week going for you?

It's everyday stuff here today.

I've been doing some more with my Project Life-ish.
I'm enjoying keeping bits and pieces like receipts and tickets in my PL box ready to use. It feels good to record everyday stuff without having to make a whole 12x12 page about it.

I've put a blog post together for Papermaze which is live today here.
There are some more PL pages and some tips on cool photo editing and printing off instagram pics.

I've started back at work on my Orlando Trip Report. It's time consuming, but I kept a photo and written diary whilst away because I wanted to look back on the trip in detail like this, so I need to make an effort to continue. It's so fun to look back on.
I managed to get 2 more days done yesterday.
I've added a link on my sidebar today of the report in progress. Here's a link if you fancy a nose.  
541 days to go until we are back again : )

And finally today my Kitchenaid mixer is due for delivery.
How happy am I?????
I really wanted Ice Blue but it was out of stock, so Ade bought it for my birthday last month and I received a printed photo on the day.
I can't wait for it to arrive.

I need to make that second mug of latte now.
It feels so chilly today.
Thanks for stopping by. xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAY for the mixer coming!! LOVING your PL!! Great photos!!

Lynnda said...

Wonderful and fabulous PL Lisa... YAY for kitchen aid!!! cant wait to see ..your expertise in baking department!!...hugs x